My two favourite budget office chairs currently have massive discounts

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Our two favourite budget office chairs currently have huge reductions. The chair at the top of our best budget office chairs guide, the Sihoo M57, always a bargain for its feature-set, is now just $159.99 at Sihoo. Apparently this is reduced from an RRP of $300, but I should caveat that it is usually around $200 from Amazon (still a greta discount, and an all-time-low). 

If you have a little more cash to splash, its newer sibling the Sihoo Doro C300, sitting at number two in our guide is just $259.99 at Sihoo, $150 down from the RRP. (Note: (it's the same price at Amazon).

Sihoo M57:$299.99Save $140

Sihoo M57: $299.99 $159.99 at Sihoo
Save $140

Overview: This chair is brilliant at the price point. It has just enough style to pass muster, but more importantly has ergonomic features that usually cost much more and punches above its weight with build quality. 

Features: Adjustable lumbar support | Backrest | 3D adjustable armrest | Max. 126° recline angle

Price history: This is the cheapest we've seen this chair sell for by $10.  Note, it is always cheaper on Amazon than Sihoo's RRP – it's currently $179.99 in certain colours (but $195 in black) – both of these are with coupons.

See our full Sihoo M57 office chair review.

Sihoo Doro C300: $409.99Save $150

Sihoo Doro C300: $409.99 $259.99 at Amazon
Save $150

Overview: a slightly upgraded version of the above budget option, this has a better build quality and design, feels a bit more sumptuous and has better ergonomic features, chair seat, materials etc. It's actually incredibly comfortable, and worth the extra money.

Features: Dynamic lumbar support | multi-adjustable headrest | Smart weight-sensing chassis | waterfall-shaped seat

Price history: The RRP of $409 is a little high for the prices normally found on Amazon, where the Sihoo Doro C300 usually sits at around $299.99. Currently it's the same price at Amazon as at Sihoo with a discount and coupon. And it's close to the lowest price we've seen ($249.99). 

See our full Sihoo Doro C300 office chair review.

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Beren has worked on creative titles at Future Publishing for over 13 years. Cutting his teeth as Staff Writer on the digital art magazine ImagineFX, he moved on to edit several creative titles, and is currently the Ecommerce Editor on the most effective creative website in the world. When he's not testing and reviewing the best ergonomic office chairs, phones, laptops, TVs, monitors and various types of storage, he can be found finding and comparing the best deals on the tech that creatives value the most.