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$200 off the Dell XPS 13! Maybe 'Black Friday in July' isn't as silly as it sounds

Dell's Black Friday in July
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The term 'Black Friday in July' may sound silly, and it is a bit. It's got no official connection to the mega winter retail event and so makes about as much sense as the phrase 'Summer Christmas'... Apart from the genuinely good deals, that is. 

Dell's made-up PR spin title aside, there are some fantastic deals in both the US and UK right now. Take this $200 off the industry leading Dell XPS 13, down from $1,049 to $849 over at Dell. This is one of our favourite laptops out there – by Dell or anyone else – so we're pretty impressed with such a big discount on the super popular model. 

And, if you're in the UK, there's an equally great deal on the same model. Get the XPS 13 down from £1,219 to just £979, saving you £239, over at Dell. And you can use code SAVE14 for an extra 14% off!

We've picked what we think are the best laptop deals below. But be sure to also check out our rundown of the very best Dell laptops (you'll find the XPS 13 on the top spot!)

Dell 'Black Friday in July' laptop deals: US 

Dell 'Black Friday in July' laptop deals: UK

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Beren Neale

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