Dogs explain the mysteries of HTTP status codes


We promised last week that we'd bring you a dog-related story, and here it is. HTTP status codes: what are they? We all know what a 404 error means, but what's a 504 all about? Is a 420 good or bad? We just don't know.

Everyone knows what a 404 is, but what about the rest?

However, Mike Lee does, and he's thoughtfully summarised all the HTTP status codes in a form that we can all understand. At HTTP Status Dogs you can find a rundown of every single status code, helpfully illustrated with an excellent dog picture.

This is why cats are best

Why? Well, why on earth not? Lee was inspired by a similar project - Tomomi Imura's HTTP Status Cats - which at least proves that cats are indeed the best, but his collection of canine tech explanations is thoroughly adorable.

Never again will you be mystified by an HTTP status code

HTTP Status Dogs covers the entire set of HTTP status codes, most of which you'll never have any reason to understand unless you actually work in IT, and most of which you're unlikely to ever even see, particularly 418: I'm a teapot, and 420: Enhance your calm.

We miss Sammy

It's the ideal way to kill a good few minutes on a slow day, and you might find that you'll learn something too. And if you're after more online fun in a similar vein, Mike Lee is also the chap behind CSS Humor, home of the most hilarious CSS-related lols you're ever likely to lay eyes upon, as well as Web 2.0 Ipsum, which generates lorem ipsum text from nonsensical Web 2.0 startup names. Useful!

Old-school Creative Bloq readers will definitely recognise this one

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