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Free! PluralSight Nuke VR compositing

Learn to composite VR scenes using Nuke

In this course you’ll learn about 360 VR compositing in Nuke. First, you’ll explore the foundations of a VR workflow and how it’s different from a standard stereoscopic project. Next, you’ll jump into Maya and set up your VR stereo rig. Finally, you’ll take a stereo render from Maya and bring it into Nuke to master this new filmmaking medium. 

When you’re finished with this VR course, you’ll not only have a solid understanding of this new frontier, but you’ll also have the skills to then apply these techniques to your own unique project. Software required: Nuke 9.0v4 and Maya 2016. 

Download you material files here (578MB)

Download video pack one here (26.6MB)

Download video pack two here (394.3MB)

Download video pack three here (754.1MB)

Download video pack four here (158.9MB)

Download video pack five here (954.7MB)

Download video pack six here (89.8MB)

Artist Showcase: Various

Discover the best digital art from the online community

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files here (67.3MB)

3ds Max tutorual: Sharpen your hard surface modelling

Improve your hard surface modelling

Victoria Passariello shares her techniques for modelling hard surfaces in 3ds Max. Download her 17-part video process, final model and files to follow the training.

Download your files here (11.9MB)

Download all your videos here (5.2GB)

Download video 1 here (614MB)

Download video 2 here (236MB)

Download video 3 here (262MB)

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Download video 5 here (392MB)

Download video 6 here (278MB)

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Download video 9 here (259MB)

Download video 10 here (396MB)

Download video 11 here (263MB)

Download video 12 here (267MB)

Download video 13 here (253MB)

Download video 14 here (253MB)

Download video 15 here (285MB)

Download video 16 here (281MB)

Download video 17 here (195MB)

Substance tutorial: Master character texturing

Get more from the Substance suite

Sarah Bromley demonstrates how to utilise Substance suite to improve your texturing workflow for characters. Download the files to follow along to her training.

Download your files here (8.7MB)

V-Ray tutorial: Master cinematic lighting

Recreate the cinematic lighting from Blade Runner

Beat Reichenbach demonstrates his process for recreating an iconic scene from Blade Runner. Download his process screens to follow the training.

Download your files here (20.8MB)

ZBrush tutorial: Sculpt realistic anatomy

Download Jakub Chechelski's ZBrush model

Jakub Chechelski explains his process for creating a realistic likeness in anatomy sculpts using ZBrush. Download the screens to follow Jakub's training, and get his model for free.

Download your files here (60MB)

iClone tutorial: Create and edit a VR animation

John C Martin II explains how iClone 6.5 and Adobe Premiere can be used to render a 360-degree, VR-ready scene. Download the video walkthrough of the process and the files to follow John's advice.

Download your files here (49.4MB)

Download your video here (104.8MB)

Various tutorials: Artist Q&A

Quick advice to solve your CG problems

This issue our panel of experienced CG artists tackle modelling 3D hair in Cinema 4D, creating a brick material in Blender, sculpting lizard scales in ZBrush and  more. Download video advice for each tutorial and project files below.

Download your files and videos here (774.7MB)

Download your tutorial model here (34.1MB)