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Introducing the winners of the Future 50 Awards 2021

Future Tech Awards
(Image credit: Future)

Innovation and tech go hand in hand. From the humble calculator to the iPhone, countless products and inventions have come along and changed the world – and behind every innovation is an innovator (or, let's be honest, several of them). To see where that innovation is coming from right now in 2022, look no further than the inaugural Future 50 list.

Unveiled as part of the annual Future Tech Awards, the Future 50 honours 50 key individuals who are driving innovation in consumer technology. It's not a ranked ‘power list,’ as everyone in the 50 is contributing to the future of consumer tech in their own unique way – but instead serves as an overview of where innovation is coming from today.

The winners were selected by a panel of editors from Future’s consumer tech websites, including Tom’s Guide and TechRadar and more, using criteria including: evidence of innovation in the field of consumer technology, evidence of impact and tangible results, and evidence of admiration from consumers and peers.

Future 50 winners

The winners list includes innovators from the likes of Amazon, Disney, Netflix and many more (Image credit: Future)

The list naturally includes a few familiar names (Elon who?), but you'll also find lots of new faces from exciting young (and disruptive) companies. These include teen scientist Neha Shukla, who created a life-saving wearable device to help slow the spread of Covid-19 and Nyla Hayes, an artist who at the age of 12 has earned more than $3 million selling NFTs of her work.

For the full list, head to the Future 50 winners page. And to find out which tech Future has crowned the best of 2021, visit the main Future Tech Awards website. 

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