You need to experience Google's AR Baby Yoda right now

Google has been adding various animals to its AR search results over the past year, from dogs to ducks to dinosaurs. Witnessing a full-size T-Rex stomping around our living room has been one highlight of working from home this year – but Google's latest addition makes for a far cuter co-worker.

If you've ever fancied owning your own pet Baby Yoda (all of us, then), you're in luck – sort of. Google has added The Child (of The Mandalorian fame) to its AR results, and in a few quick taps you could have a life-size Baby Yoda standing on your desk. (Check out our best free 3D models if you're inspired to create a creature of your own.)

Baby Yoda AR

Our own Baby Yoda is making friends already (Image credit: Future)

To get your own AR Baby Yoda, all you have to do is type Baby Yoda, The Child or The Mandalorian into the Google app for your smartphone or tablet. Along with the usual Wikipedia summary, the results will now feature a "View in 3D" option. 

Baby Yoda Google AR

All you have to do is tap 'View in 3D'  (Image credit: Future)

Sure, AR Baby Yoda doesn't exactly do much apart from, well, stand there. But having the cutest bounty hunter in the galaxy sitting on our desk is enough for us. If you haven't caught The Mandalorian yet, here's how to get 15% off Disney Plus

Like Google's ridiculously cool AR Dinosaurs, AR Baby Yoda is kind of pointless – but so much fun. Both also serve to show just how much AR tech is improving, with the creatures looking incredibly realistic inside our homes. It's just the latest impressive experiment from Google – this week we've spent hours with the company's ridiculous Blob Opera

Soon you might not even need a phone to welcome new 3D friends into your living room – while AR glasses have failed to take off so far, the latest Apple Glass concept looks unexpectedly exciting. But right now, the best way to see Google's creatures in all their realistic glory is with the LiDAR scanner-equipped iPhone 12 Pro. Check out today's best deals below.

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Daniel John
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