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Is this what the new Nintendo Switch Pro will look like?

Ever since its initial release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been a Christmas list-topping triumph. But while we were treated to a new Lite edition last year, we're yet to see the much-rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro. If it looks anything like either of these new concepts though, it'll definitely have been worth the wait.

German tech site Computer Bild has envisaged not one but two follow-up versions of the Switch, and the stunning 3D renders (below) are a tantalising glimpse at what Nintendo could be planning next. If you haven't got hold of the original yet, there are some unmissable Nintendo Switch deals to be found right now. And don't miss our round up of the best Nintendo Switch headsets and the best Nintendo Switch games too. 

The first concept in the video reveals a radically different Switch design, consisting of a four-cartridge dock. Like the current Nintendo Switch dock, this connects directly to the TV – but this version is capable of 4K resolution as well as featuring two USB-C inputs. It also comes with Nintendo's iconic Joy-Cons, in a rather fetching new shade of silver. 

Switch Pro concept

Say goodbye to swapping cartridges  (Image credit: Computer Bild)

But Computer Bild hasn't stopped there. The video also reveals a Nintendo Switch XL concept, which more more closely resembles the portable configuration of the original Switch, and the Switch Lite. But with a much larger 4K display, and redesigned Joy-Cons (which we have to say look a tad more ergonomic). 

Nintendo Switch concept

Computer Bild's Nintendo Switch XL concept (Image credit: Computer Bild)

Both of these concepts look like exciting upgrades over the current offerings. The addition of 4K would mean a huge improvement in graphics, while being able to insert four cartridges simultaneously will reduce time spent awkwardly swapping them over. And the huge screen of the Switch XL would promise a much more immersive portable experience.

And it seems Switch fans are pretty excited about the new concepts. "I wish Nintendo would make something like this," one user comments, while another adds, "This would be a huge success. Love the game slot design preventing changing cartridges often."

While the Switch has been hugely popular, it makes sense for Nintendo to explore a 'Pro' edition of the device. With both Microsoft and Sony releasing hugely powerful rival consoles this year (here's where to get a PS5 before Christmas), Nintendo's two year-old console will certainly need a spec boost if it's going to stay in the game. That said, with its unique hybrid design, there's still nothing quite like the Switch – check out today's best deals below and snap yours up.

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