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New PS5 restock announced: 200,000 consoles set to drop!

PS5 Restock Jan 2021
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Are you still holding out for a PS5? We have excellent news. New stock is about to drop in the US and the UK, so get ready. Now, these are only rumours so you'll have to check all your options and act quickly if you're eager to get your hands on a shiny new console – but we've summed up the situation below.

In the US, Target and and Amazon are set to replenish their stocks of the sought-after console in the next 24 hours so keep a close eye out. In the UK? Very, Argos and John Lewis already restocked yesterday, with reports that Argos may drip feed more consoles today. But it's Currys that is firmly in the picture to release more consoles today over a six hour period. 

There are also rumours that Amazon UK, AO and EE/BT are getting ready for an influx. NOTE: it's worth checking all those websites today just in case – check below for links to retailers.

Around 40,000 consoles are rumoured to be hitting each UK retailer, which means there will be approximately 200,000 consoles on shelves in this 24 hour period – the perfect time to snap one up. Want to improve your gaming experience? Try one of the best monitors for PS5.

Feeling retro? Why not make the most of a cheap PS4 deal? For more potential PS5 retailers, check out the information below. And if you'd like some accessories, keep scrolling for where to buy.

Get your PS5 online: US

PS5 and PS5 Digital: $499/$399 at Amazon
Amazon is one of the main retailers said to be launching a big sale of PS5 stock today, so be sure to head over if you're in the US. At time of writing there are only controllers available, but apparently that's set to change.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: $499/$399 at Target
Target is on the list to receive a restock today, so US customers should get ready to refresh. With a one per guest limit, scalpers will have a harder time here so you're in with a chance.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: $499/$399 at Walmart
There aren't rumours of Walmart being on the receiving end of consoles today, but it's always worth a try just in case. Walmart had a good run of it last year, so it's possible stock may surface.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: $499/$399 at Best Buy
Best Buy staggered its stock towards the end of 2020, with some lucky people able to get their hands on the coveted consoles. For the rest of us, though it's not on the drop list, it's worth checking back regularly for when the PlayStation Gods are playing nice.
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No luck with any of those? You could always try Newegg or go straight to the source with Sony.

Get your PS5 online: UK

PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at Currys PC World
Currys PC World is rumoured to be one of the lucky retailers about to launch a new sale of PS5s over a six hour period today. We're not totally sure when that'll be, so keep refreshing if you're keen.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at AO
Rumour has it that AO may be receiving consoles today, keep checking for the best chance of snapping one up!
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at EE
EE/BT may be on the list for new consoles today, so be sure to add this retailer to your rotation of retailers to refresh. You never know!

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PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at Argos
Argos restocked with thousands of consoles yesterday, but it's already sold out. Don't give up though as it may restock again soon.View Deal

PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at Argos
Argos restocked with thousands of consoles yesterday, but it's already sold out. Don't give up though as it may restock again soon.View Deal

PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at Game
Game has been pretty on it in terms of getting PS5 stock, so it's worth checking back frequently for updates. As with the other retailers though, once the PlayStations are here, we expect them to go quickly.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£349.99 at Very
Very isn't the first place many people will look for PlayStation deals, but it received an influx yesterday so it can happen. Its site says that more stock is coming so to keep checking back, and we don't need to be told twice.
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PS5 and PS5 Digital: £449.99/£359.99 at Box
Box is going for a ballot system to allocate its Xbox stock, so perhaps it might start doing the same thing for the PS5. It's worth keeping an eye on its site just in case. You can also sign up for a stock alert.
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Where to buy PS5 accessories

Gaming has been ramped up with the PS5, but it's not just the console that's got us excited. Here are the essential accessories to accompany your new PS5...

PS5 DualSense controller: $69.99 at Amazon
Every PS5 console will come with one DualSense controller, so if you want to play with a friend, you'll be wanting to buy another. The DualSense controller has an ergonomic design, adaptive triggers, a built-in mic, and its haptic feedback is a game changer. 
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Pulse 3D Wireless Headset: $99.99 at Best Buy
The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset promises to be the best way to enjoy all the audio features that Sony's PS5 has to offer. It's noise-cancelling, which makes for great clarity when playing with teams on multi-player games, while the 3D audio support will allow you to hear games as Sony has designed them to be heard.
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PS5 DualSense Charging Station: $29.99 at Best Buy
Gone are the days of misplacing your controller, only to find it under a bundle of charging lead, unconnected and out of juice. This official charging station will keep controllers charged and ready to use, and looks the business too!
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Sony PS5 HD camera: $59.99 at B&H Photo
The PS5 HD camera is ideal if you stream your games, or if you like broadcasting your reactions to your own gameplay to friends (it really does add a whole different level to Call of Duty: Warzone!)
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PS5 media remote: $29.99 at Best Buy
The PS5 media remote is a great alternative to using your PS controller to skip through channels and shows. Basically, if you're planning on using the super-amped up PS5 as a primary home entertainment system (and from what we've heard, that would be a great choice), this will be a super handy addition. 
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Can you only buy the PS5 online?

If you were planning on waiting in line at your local game store for a PS5, we've got news for you. Sales have been largely online only, with launch day only seeing online stock.

So the only option is to wait and see what online retailer has stock. On this page, we've listed some of the most trusted online retailers that are offering the console, so it's well worth your while to bookmark this page and check back regu. 

PS5 at a glance

  • Official release date: 12 November (USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea); 19 November 2020 (UK and rest of the world).
  • PS5 console options: PS5 console with disc player; PS5 Digital Edition.
  • PS5 price points: PS5 console: $499 / £449.99; PS5 Digital Edition: $399 / £349.99
  • PS5 games confirmed: Hogwarts Legacy, God of War: Ragnarok, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Battlefield 6, Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Last PlayStation release: PS4, 15 November 2017

PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition?

It's been seven years since the last Sony PlayStation console, the PS4, and a lot has happened in the advance of games consoles. The PS5 threatens to be a huge leap in gaming, and there are a host of amazing games confirmed for the platform.

There are pros and cons for getting the PS5 digital edition. First, you save a cool $100 compared to the 'normal' PS5 console. You also don't need to get the physical games, instead downloading them digitally. But then, some people love the physical games, and they retain a certain value, which you can sell off later. In the end, it's a matter of taste. In all other respects, you're getting the same amazing console.

Here are some more great PS5 deals, for both the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. 

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