Improve your anatomy art with ImagineFX issue 158

ImagineFX 158 cover

Expert artists share their figure drawing advice in the latest issue of ImagineFX magazine - out now!

Drawing the human form is one of the most important skills an artist can dedicate their time to. Thanks to everyone's familiarity with how people look, viewers can easily spot if an arm appears too long or if the muscles don't seem right. To help readers take their anatomy art to the next level, we hear advice and tips from expert illustrators.

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Elsewhere in issue 158 we pay a visit to science fiction, fantasy and horror illustrator Bob Eggleton to see how he transformed his bedroom into a studio. We also catch up with French sculptor Romain Van den Bogaert and learn how he carved out his niche career. And of course, there's also all the latest news, reviews, and reader's art in our FXPose section, so make sure you don't miss ImagineFX magazine issue 158!

Check out what's in store with a look at the lead features, below.

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Kick-start your Kickstarter

Kickstarter feature page spread

Get your project off the ground with this expert advice

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for artists to get their idea off the ground and out into the world. Just look at Lois van Baarle who smashed her target by hundreds of thousands of pounds. Discover if crowdfunding is right for you, and how to run a successful campaign, with these expert tips.

Artist interview: Julie Bell

The US illustrator talks about the problem with women in fantasy art

Specialising in fantasy, westerns, wildlifes, nudes, and many other genres besides, Julie Bell is a prolific and varied artist. We talk to her about wolves, bodybuilding, and how female nudity in art is always dependant on context.

Sketchbook insights

Explore the amazing sketchbook art of Anna Dittmann

What could be more tantalising than taking a look inside an artist's sketchbook to discover how they work? This issue we take a peek into the pages of Anna Dittmann's sketchbooks to discover how her stunning life drawings take shape.

Anatomy advice

Feast your eyes on ten pages of helpful anatomy advice from Stan Prokopenko

When it comes to drawing the human form, it's important to remember that there are lots of rules to follow. After all, the human eye is well versed in looking at the human body so it will spot a mistake a mile off. Illustrator Stan Prokopenko shares his expert advice for drawing the human form in these 24 tips.

Charcoal workshop

Nathan Fowkes shares how to harness light and shadows with charcoal

Understanding how light works is important when it comes to making people and scenes look believable. Animator Nathan Fowkes explores how to use light and shade to convey form in this traditional art workshop for charcoals.

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