Forget the new iPad Air: the last Gen model is better value

The 2022 iPad on an orange background.
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With a brand new iPad Air just announced, you may think we'd be directing you to buy it. But we've found an Apple bargain on the 256GB version off the previous model (the 2022 M1 Air) that we think is great value – now cut by $100 down from $749 to $649 over at Amazon. Want the entry-level 64GB? There's $100 off that model too – down from $599 to $499 over at Amazon.

Sure the new 6th Gen Air promises M2 power, but as our near-perfect M1 iPad Air review shows, the 5th Gen model is a fantastic iPad, and with $100 off the 256GB storage model, it's the iPad I would recommend right now. It helps that I've actually had my hands on it, and can report that it's my favourite iPad to date. 

iPad Air (256GB 2022): $749 $649 at Amazon
Save $100:

iPad Air (256GB 2022): $749 $649 at Amazon
Save $100: Still to this day, nothing quite offers the massive leap of processing power as the M1 chip, that took the previous Intel power of other iPads and crushed it. Sure the brand new M2 iPad Air will be a little faster, but for value, this $549 model – with it's massive 256GB storage – is by far the better value for me. It's a fantastic iPad to use. Want to spend less for less storage? Look no further than below... 


iPad Air (2022): $599 $499 at Amazon
Save $100: This is hands-down the best deal we've reported on this version of the iPad Air ( with 64GB as opposed to the 256GB above). It's better than anything we saw over the Black Friday last year. When we reviewed it, we said it was elbowing into the path of the iPad Pro, and at under $500, it's a great deal, and $100 cheaper than the brand new model.

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