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It's hard to find the time to improve your skills while working full-time. But if you happen to be at home due to the current circumstances, you may want to take advantage of this great bargain on a 40-hour course bundle offered by The School of Graphic Design.

The classes guide you thoroughly through the processes and skills required to create incredible designs, while allowing you to dive deeper into the features of your design software (here's our roundup of free graphic design software, if you're in need of more). Here is just some of what's included:

Graphic design masterclass: Beginner

This course provides you with a basic foundation in branding and design. Not only will you learn about the process of creating things like logos and branding packages, but also layouts, composition and more.

You will also use real-world projects to learn the intricacies of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Mastering these tools should speed up your design workflow considerably.

Graphic design masterclass: Intermediate 

Building on what was covered in the beginner's class, this course will further develop your design skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. In fact, it assumes you have some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator. You will learn more and gain more experience by completing an entire digital marketing campaign from start to finish.

But this class addresses more than just improving your marketable skill set. It also dives into the practical aspects of running a business. You will learn how to price freelance projects and the best way to present your services to potential clients.

Adobe CC masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, InDesign

This class offers more than just the essentials of these popular design software programs. You will also review the fundamentals of good design for logos, websites, mobile apps and more.

Graphic design mastery: The branding and design process

Branding is one of the primary factors in marketing these days. Designers who are knowledgeable about branding provide a highly desirable added value to corporations. In this class, you get hands-on experience constructing a full design and branding package, including creating a 3D package design, as well as a working wireframe of web pages.

Photoshop manipulation and editing masterclass

This course is a deep dive into photo editing, retouching and manipulation. From spot healing to swapping heads, you will be replicating several projects the instructor has completed for real-world clients over a 14-year freelance career.

The complete graphic design theory for beginners course

The fundamentals of design in this course will provide you with a solid understanding that you can build on with more advanced skills and tools. In addition to the basics of color theory and composition, you will also learn about typography, user experience, current trends and more.

Logo design mastery in Adobe Illustrator

A company's logo is one of the most important elements of its brand, which means that logo design is an extremely valuable skill to have. This course covers all aspects of developing outstanding logos. Not only will you study logo design theory, the creative process and how to use Adobe Illustrator tools, but you will also learn about the practical details of how to work with clients and the best way to show off your work in a professional portfolio.

Buying all of these courses individually would normally cost $1,400, so this is a chance to get your hands on a bargain. The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle is only $39, today.

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