Did LG just invent a new market with its suitcase TV?

LG StanbyMe Go Tv Suitcase
(Image credit: LG)

Ever wished you could bring your TV on business trips with you? How about to the beach? Well, LG has made this dream-that-no-one-ever-had a reality with the StanbyMe Go – a portable TV in a stylish briefcase. We thought the retro suitcase trend was only for record players but this $1,000 27-inch touchscreen display is proving us wrong. 

Since this portable TV was announced last month, people have been a little confused. We've certainly come around, and if you don't see how this portable TV could benefit your lifestyle, then prepare to reevaluate your hobbies – as the company has put together a promo video that will make you say "I need it".

The sweetener? You can preorder the StanbyMe Go now from LG and receive an LG XBOOM 360 Bluetooth Speaker for free (worth $249.99).

This portable suitcase TV is not what you'd call conventional. It's the polar opposite of wall-mounted 'Art TVs', such as the Samsung Frame TV, with the USP of the StanbyMe Go being you can take it anywhere. It also seems to have single-handedly invented the 'outdoor television market', which is nice. 

Let's get into the specs. You get a 27-inch LCD touchscreen, with 60Hz refresh rate. It can be viewed in three different screen modes - landscape, portrait, or tabletop using the adjustable display stand, and you can install apps too – which could turn it into the biggest tablet you'll ever own. 

LG StanbyMe Go Tv Suitcase

It can be used in portrait mode too (Image credit: LG)

From a design point of view, the suitcase exterior makes a lot of sense. First off, it doesn't call attention to the fact that you're walking around with a $1,000 TV. Plus you can decorate it however you like to reflect your personal style.

The suitcase also meets military-grade standards of drop protection and the device can function wirelessly on just battery power. Want to know what we really love about this new portable display? It can supposedly create the perfect ambience with included themes like a cosy fireplace or crashing waves to really boost the mood and provide the best vibes.

LG StanbyMe Go Tv Suitcase

(Image credit: LG)

As far as we can gather, you'll be able to stream from pretty much any content provider on this display, including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video etc, and there are also LG channels and options to connect through Apple Airplay2. See the best streaming services for creatives to get an idea of what everyone is watching.

In short – this sounds pretty cool, if a little crazy, and we could see it upscaling vacations, as long as you don't leave it on the conveyor belt at the airport. 

LG StanbyMe Go Tv Suitcase

(Image credit: LG)

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