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Nintendo Switch Memorial Day Sale live blog: These were the best deals

The Memorial Day Sale has ended, but there may still be some good deals to grab.

The Memorial Day Sale Nintendo Switch deals are coming in!
(Image: © Future/Nintendo)

Update: This live blog has now ended, but it's still worth having a look at the deals below, as some have continued (while stocks last). Or just head over to our permanent page on the best Nintendo Switch deals.  

On this page, we were keeping track of the best Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deals, as and when they go live. The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly popular game console and stock has been hard to come by, so you may find that the deals vanish as soon as they appear, so be sure to move quick if you spot a deal you like.

Memorial Day 2022 is now over but still some of the deals below might be live. For more bargains on other items, follow our general Memorial Day Sale 2022 page and our Apple Memorial Day Sale 2022 roundup. The next sale event is Walmart Plus Weekend, so it might be worth checking out what deals you can find there too.


A photo of the box of a yellow Nintendo Switch Lite

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Amazon is currently offering the Nintendo Switch Lite in Yellow for only $184.99, but this offer is selling out fast. The Lite is a slimmer version of Nintendo's excellent handheld and can play most of the same games as the larger traditional version; the difference is it doesn't dock so games that need this aren't compatible.

A photo of the Power A Nintendo Switch controller

(Image credit: Power A)

The PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller was $99 now $65 at Amazon; this is one of the best traditional pads for Nintendo Switch is the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller, and now it's got $30 slashed off its price at Amazon. It’s easy to connect and features programmable buttons… if you love the larger Xbox style controller this is a must-buy.

Switch Lite

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We're seeing a few small savings cropping up on the Switch Lite, which has been hard to get hold of in the US until recently. Amazon has the super portable console in coral reduced by 5% from $199.99 to $189.99. That's a saving of $10, which we'll happily take given the console's been so hard to get. 

If you're not taken by the coral (that is, pink) colour, if you're very, very quick you might be able to grab the Lite in yellow for even cheaper at $180.00 but there are only a couple left.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

(Image credit: Nintendo)

For a long time, Nintendo Switch stock in the US was so low there wasn't much point thinking about accessories. But now that the Switch is available and you might even have one, or be on the way to getting one this Memorial Day, it's worth looking at add-ons, and few are as exciting as real live Mario Kart racing on your kitchen floor! 

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit allows you to create a racecourse at home and race Mario and Luigi with friends and family (though each person will need a car, and  this kit is best for those who don't have thick carpets!). Amazon has $20.99 off the Luigi Home Circuit set, now $79 and, if you're very quick because there are only a couple left, $35.99 off the Mario set, now $80.

Memorial Day Switch Lite SD card bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

One good way to get savings on the Nintendo Switch is through bundle deals with SD cards. Chances are you'll want that extra storage space for your games – the Switch and Switch Lite only have an internal capacity of 32GB. You can quadruple that by bundling in a 128GB SanDisk Nintendo Switch SD card like in this bundle reduced by $14.50 to $220.48 at Amazon. Hurry, there's only stock left with the turquoise Switch Lite.

Zelda Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

So how about games? If you've got a Switch and you're looking to fill up that storage space and then some, the Memorial Day sale is a good opportunity to boost your games collection. GamStop has a couple of decent deals, including Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga reduced from $59.99 to $46.49 and $20 off the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Launch Edition – now $39.99. Amazon has Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for $59.99 $47.10.

But some of the best deals on games seem to be at Walmart, which has $20 off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, now $39.99 and a whole range of Mario games reduced from $59.99 to $49.94.

Nintendo Switch Memorial Day bundle deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We haven't spotted any very big Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deals on consoles yet, but then a lot of people are just happy to see the Switch in stock. The best offer we've seen on the original switch is this bundle deal at Amazon, which has the Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $359.99 $348.94. That's a saving of $11.04 – not spectacular when you consider Walmart's selling Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $49.94, but still... if you're going to get the console and the game, you might as well get them together.

As for the portable Switch Lite, the best deal is still $10 off the Coral pink edition, also at Amazon.

Switch Lite

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Good morning! We're back searching for the best Nintendo Switch deals out there, and we've got to be honest... it's slim pickings! It seems that stock is pretty low at the moment, with the usually available Switch and Switch Lite going the way of the OLED – rarer than hen's teeth! 

Don't worry, we're searching for the best deals, and as soon as they come up, we'll post them here.

UPDATE: Amazon has just released a coral Nintendo Switch Lite, down from $199.99 to $189.99. Yes, that's only a saving of $10, but right now, the fact that you can actually buy the console at all is impressive!  

Switch bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo )

Nintendo Switch OLED deal incoming! We've finally found a deal on the rare OLED console. Right now you can get the quality console in a bundle with Metroid Dread and save yourself $20 – down from $409.99 to $389.99 over at Best Buy. At the moment, what with huge demand on the Nintendo console, the fact that the OLED is in stock is worth noting. But to have a little money off with a game is very welcome. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Memorial Day deal.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Here's an interesting one. The Switch OLED standard retail price is $350 and to date we've never seen a new, boxed version of the console on sale in the US for less. We highlighted the deal below, but that's a bundle and you're really getting the discount on the game rather than the console itself. But a listing's popped up on Amazon offering the hard-to-find Switch OLED for $337.29. It's not flagged as a deal of any kind, but that's a saving of $12 on the usual US retail price. The catch? It appears to be a UK import with an adapter. If you can live with that, this might be a good way to get hold of this elusive console at a decent price.

A photo of green and pink JoyCon controllers

(Image credit: Nintendo)

These rare Japanese imported Joy-Con Neon Green/Neon Pink Splatoon 2 branded controllers may just be the thing for the collector in you. They're on sale now on Amazon. Save $23.01 and get these Nintendo Switch controllers for $76.99.

A photo of the SanDisk SD card for Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo / Sandisk)

Save a huge 42% on this SanDisk 128GB microSDXC-Card for Nintendo Switch. This officially licensed storage card was $34.99 now $20.39 at Amazon. If you're serious about gaming on Switch you need the storage, and this is a bargain.

A pack image of Fenyx Rising

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

One of the best games of the last year has been Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising, ant fans of Zelda should do themselves a big favour and play this epic RPG. Save a massive 54% at Amazon on Immortals Fenyx Rising: $59.99 / $27.85

A photo of a Nintendo Switch grey

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Save $19.00 on this Nintendo Switch Gray Joy-Con edition at Amazon. It may not be much but there are few Switch console deals this weekend at the moment, and the gray models is rather swish. Buy it now for $299.99. 

Photos of Nintendo designed shirts

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Save 34% on a selection of Nintendo branded shirts at Target this weekend. These include retro themed designs such as the N64 logo shirt, and come in all sizes from Small to 3XL. Buy your Nintendo shirts for $19.88 at Target.

A photo of Turtle Beach gaming headphones

(Image credit: Turtle Beach)

Save $20 on the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 bluetooth wireless gaming headset for Nintendo Switch. As a bonus this excellent pro-level headset is compatible with PlayStation 5 and PC. Buy the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 for $129.99 at Target.

Nintendo Switch games

(Image credit: Various)

Looking for a new game to play this Memorial Day weekend? Target has a sale on many of Nintendo Switch's best games. Take a look at our quick round-up of the games and offers available now at Target:

Super Mario Odyssey $59.99 / $49.99

Monster Hunter Rise $29.99 / $39.99

Mario Tennis Aces $59.99 / $49.49

Streets of Rage 4 $39.99 / $26.99

MLB The Show 22 $59.99 / $49.99

A photo of the collectors edition of Shovel Knight

(Image credit: Yacht Club Games)

Game collector's take a look over at Best Buy. You can save $15 on the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove edition, this contains a Shovel Knight plush and a digital game code for Nintendo Switch. Buy it now at Best Buy for $34.99.

A photo of the Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Afterglow)

Save $17 on the Afterglow Wireless Deluxe Controller for Nintendo Switch. Put a party in your hands with this quirky controller that features adjustable Prismatic LED lighting, and it has a 40-hour battery life. But this controller at Best Buy for $37.99.

A photo of a Nintendo playset

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Save 50% on a selection of Nintendo playsets, exclusive to Target. If you're a Nintendo fan and what something a little more special to sit on your desk, or just love Super Mario, then these are for you:

Nintendo Super Mario Deluxe Cloud Playset $29.99 / $14.99

Super Mario 2.5" Cloud Playset $14.99 / $7.44

Nintendo Super Mario DLX Bowser's Airship Playset $31.99 / $23.39

Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deal.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Quick update: right now this Memorial Day deal on the yellow Nintendo Switch Lite is looking like one of the strongest of the weekend. Over at Amazon you can get the Nintendo Switch Lite down to just $184.99. However, there seems to be just two models left at this price, so hurry.

Memorial Day Nintendo Switch deals.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

UK imports of the Nintendo Switch OLED are still selling for less than the US standard retail price over at Amazon, you can the Nintendo Switch OLED for under  $340, a saving of over $10. Stock has been so patchy recently on the OLED model, that any discount is pretty good right now. 

A photo of the Nintendo Switch with a sushi sticker pack

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Save a huge $96.60 on this unique Nintendo Switch OLED with Mytrix full body skin for the console, dock and Joy-Cons. You can easily apply and remove these colourful sushi designed stickers from the console, creating a unique design. Buy this Nintendo Switch OLED bundle at Walmart $516.59 now $419.99.

Photo of Nintendo Switch console box and games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Save $147.20 on this Nintendo Switch games bundle deal at Walmart. For $639.99 you get the standard 32GB Nintendo Switch console with six hit games: Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2 Switch, Arms, Overcooked 2, and Kirby Star Allies. If you're new to Switch, then this deal is a great place to start.

Nintendo Switch GameCube controller

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Let's get retro with this GameCube-inspired controller for Nintendo Switch, Walmart has slashed it from $27.99 to $19.88. Widely considered the preferred way to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can perfect your skills and recall playing one of Nintendo's most-loved consoles. Pick up this piece of gaming design history for less this Memorial Day.

Nintendo Switch Lite Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Good news for anyone looking for the Nintendo Switch Lite! Over the weekend, we've been flagging up a $10 saving on the coral pink version of the portable little console as just about the only Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deal going, but we know that colour might not be to everyone's taste.

However, the saving (as small as it is) has now been extended to the Switch Lite in blue – reduced from $199.99 to $189.99. Hurrah! (Ok, ok, it $10, but Nintendo Switch deals have been so thin on the ground that this is enough to get excited about – and remember that just a few months ago a Nintendo Switch Lite of any kind was practically impossible to find).

Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Your other option for a discount on the Nintendo Switch Lite if you don't want that Coral pink option or the blue is to go for a bundle with a micro SD card, and to be honest, you're probably going to use it. The Switch Lite, like the original Switch, only has 32GB of storage space. That could fill up with games pretty quickly, which is why we rate the SanDisk Switch-branded micro SD cards among the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

Amazon has the turquoise Switch Lite with a SanDisk 128GB micro SD card for $220.48, a saving of $14.50. There are savings on bundles with a 256GB (pictured) or 64GB micro SD card too.

... or if you do like the Coral pink, you can save even more: $24.50 off Switch Lite Coral + 128GB SD card for £210.48.

Nintendo Switch Memorial Day bundle deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As we move into the latter part of Memorial Day itself, it's starting to look unlikely that we're going to see any better Nintendo Switch Memorial day deals than those we've flagged so far. The good news is that some of those are still available those.

For the original Nintendo Switch, we're not seeing any discounts on the standard retail price of $299.99, which you can get direct from the Nintendo Store and from Amazon. From Amazon, you can even can get an ever so generous $1 discount on the Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons edition, now $298.99.

For a slightly better saving, consider a bundle of Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $359.98 $348.94 or the Switch with a 128GB micro SD card for $334.98 $319.49.

If you're more interested in the portable little Switch Lite, you can get that in Coral pink or blue for $199.99 $189.99.

And the elusive Nintendo Switch OLED? The good news is that it is at least in stock – both Adorama and Amazon have it available at the standard price of $349. Amazon even has a small discount on UK imports – now $338 (don’t worry, it qualifies for free delivery).

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral in box

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Happy Tuesday! Overnight, that brilliant Best Buy refurb deal has sold out for the white console (boo), but fear not as Best Buy also has a super-similar deal on a Special Edition console with an Animal Crossing theme – down from $299.99 to $269.99 (a saving of $30). Whether or not you're an Animal Crossing fan, this is a good deal – (and the mint green/pale blue colour theme is delightful). 

Elsewhere, we're still into this chance to get the Nintendo Switch Lite (in Coral) for just $189.99 over at Amazon (a small saving of $10 but very nice indeed).

Nintendo Super Smash Bros controller

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Deals are well and truly beginning to wind down now. But still going is this mega-deal on a Nintendo Switch Pro controller with a Super Smash Bros. theme, now only $35 at Walmart. Give these usually go for $60 in the sale, this is a thumping deal...

Photo of Nintendo Switch console box and games

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We'll take a moment to remind you of this bumper party-time deal from Walmart, which includes a bunch of awesome games (Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2 Switch, Arms, Overcooked 2, Kirby Star Allies if you're wondering) AND a Switch OLED for just $639.99. Ideal if you're wanting to play in a group, or get a first taste of the awesomeness the Switch has to offer! Save $147.20 on this deal right now at Walmart.

nintendo switch super mario odyssey

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A slightly offbeat one, but Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is currently only $19.99 at Target. Heard of it? Us neither, but it's got almost five stars and is 38 per cent off, so well worth a punt! In the mood for some Mario? Target also has Super Mario Odyssey on at $49.99 (saving you a fab $10).

If you want even more merriment, head to Game Stop, which still has Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga reduced from $59.99 to $46.49. Plus, Amazon's deal on Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for $47.10  (down from $59.99) is also still live and kicking.

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