I adore the use of negative space in this minimalist wine label

Wine label design featuring monochromatic illusion of lips meeting
(Image credit: Malika Favre/Oé )

French artist Malika Favre has partnered with organic wine manufacturer Oé to create a label design for the brand's new limited-edition wine. The minimalist label expertly blends Favre's signature pop art style with Oé's classy, stripped-back aesthetic, resulting in a thoroughly modern and stylish design.

The collaboration is a perfect pairing, encapsulating Oé's new product with a seductive and contemporary elegance, effortlessly embellishing the product with Favre’s bold style. (If you're after more ingenious design, check out our collection of the best design books, to spark some inspiration).

Wine bottle label designed by Malika Favre

(Image credit: Oé/Malika Favre)

The sleek design of 's latest product features a monochromatic colourway, with a splash of red to draw the eye to the label's central theme. Pictured in the artwork is a white face with vivid red lips leaning over for a kiss. In combination with the bottle's dark colour and the label's clever use of negative space, a second face can be spotted in the design.

“To hint at the idea of pleasure, I created a minimal cut-out label that plays with the negative space of the bottle,” Favre claims in an Instagram post. "When trying to find the most minimal way to express something I really get in the zone. Every line and every colour becomes filled with intention and meaning. I just love the challenge of it all and more than anything, I love that feeling I get when it feels just right. Nothing more, nothing less," she adds.

Favre's work, “often described as Pop Art meets OpArt” according to her website, has been featured in numerous famous publications such as The New Yorker and Vogue. It seems that fans of her work are equally as impressed with her smaller-scale project with Oé, taking to social media to share their praise.

“I hope the wine lives up to the label!” one Instagram user commented, while another said: “Your design are so cool. Love the composition and how you used the colors.” We can’t help but agree as Favre’s clever illusion illustration is a masterclass in visually stunning minimalist design – the perfect fit for the elevated elegance displayed in Oé’s products. 

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