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Master the art of web design with these in-depth courses

The web is an ever-changing platform, but you can catch up with the latest trends and get your site online quickly with the Intro to Web Development and Design Bundle. You can get it on sale for just $29 (approx. £22), or over 90% off the retail price!

When it comes to building for the web, you need to understand both the parts behind the scenes and the parts that people see. This two-course training will teach you to now just build your site, but also make it beautiful and functional. You’ll dive into essential programming languages HTML and CSS, utilize JavaScript to make webpages dynamic, and much more.

You can get the Intro to Web Development and Design Bundle on sale right now for just $29 (approx. £22)! If you’re interested in web design or need to get yourself a web presence, it’s a deal you can’t pass up – so grab it today!