Could the next Nintendo Switch have two screens?

For it seems like forever, there has been speculation about how Nintendo will follow up the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch Pro? A Nintendo Switch 2? Despite the release of a Switch Lite and Switch OLED in 2019 and 2021 respectively, there's been no concrete sign of a real sequel to the 2017 portable console.

But a new patent filing has us intrigued as to whether Nintendo is exploring a quite different design concept. The document describes a a dual-screen handheld gaming console that can be split into two parts (see our guide to Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals for the best prices on Nintendo's current offerings).

Nintendo patent for a dual-screen handheld gaming device that looks like Nintendo Switch

An illustration from the Nintendo patent filing in Japan (Image credit: Nintendo)

The patent filing shows of a device that looks not unlike the Nintendo 3DS, but which can be split in two to allow wireless two-player gaming. It looks as though the device would function as a stand along device for both single and two-player gaming. When it's closed, the top screen can face outward, but it conceals a second device that can be detached. 

The two units can be connected in two orientations: "When in a second connection state in which the second connection part has been connected to the first connection part in the second orientation, the second rear surface is positioned so as not to cover the first display," the document reads.

Like all the big tech companies, Nintendo has filed many patents for concepts that have never seen the light of day, but the idea of some kind of two-player Nintendo Switch is certainly intriguing and could be a fantastic buy for families in particular. While the filing has just been discovered by fans, it actually dates back to almost a year ago. That makes it a little more likely (although by no means a sure thing) that Nintendo has actually started to do something with the concept.

And the Nintendo Switch 2? According to Eurogamer, Nintendo offered secretive tech demos to select developers at Gamescom 2023. No concrete details emerged, but you can see all the rumours in our round up of PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2 rumours. See below for the best current Switch prices in your region.

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