PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: which rumoured console is the most exciting?

The rumoured Sony PS5 Pro and Nintendo Switch 2 are the two most hotly anticipated consoles in the gaming world at the moment. Neither of them have been officially confirmed by their respective manufacturers, but we've heard enough rumours to convince us that they're on the way in some form.

Comparing such very distinct consoles is hard since they offer completely different types of gaming experiences, but we can still consider how much of an upgrade the sequels might offer compared to the existing products, and which of the product launches is likely to be received with most excitement by fans. Here we compare PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2 based on the rumours we've heard so far.

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PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: do they actually exist?

PS4 Pro

The Sony PS4 Pro was released in 2016 (Image credit: Sony)

We should stress again that Nintendo has not confirmed any plans for a Switch 2 and Sony has not confirmed plans for a PS5 Pro. However, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about imminent launches, and there have been plenty of rumours and purported leaks about specs and features – some of them more credible than others. 

The PS5 Pro would seem to be the surest bet since Sony already set a precedent when it released a PS4 Pro three years after the initial version of that console. We've also heard some fairly credible rumours about specs for a pro-version of the PS5, and we're assuming for now that it will follow the same naming convention as with the PS4.

The existence of a Switch 2 is less certain since the Switch itself has no predecessor. Nintendo has already released two further versions of the device in the form of the Switch Lite and the Switch OLED. The OLED does offer a couple of other upgrades other than the display, but not enough to classify as 'pro' nor as a full sequel. We've heard various suggestions about what an upgraded Switch would be called, including Nintendo Switch 2, Nintendo Switch Pro and even Super Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is keeping quiet, but many take it for granted that at least some upgraded version of Nintendo's portable console will appear eventually.

PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: tech specs

Many of the rumoured PS5 Pro specs that we've been hearing relate to a project codenamed Trinity. RedGamingTech (RGT) claims to have heard that Sony has at least made prototypes of the PS5 Pro and that it will offer significant differences from the current console.

The CPU and AMD Radeon GPU are rumoured to be significantly more powerful, with frequencies of “well over 3.6 GHz” for the former and 2.7 GHz for the latter. That compares to the PS5's variable boost frequency of 3.5 GHz for the CPU and 2.23 GHz for the GPU. RGT speculates that the PS5 Pro could have a total compute of around 23.04+ TFLOPS.

This would all mean more stable 60fps 4K gaming, which would make it no longer necessary to choose between framerate and performance modes. There could even be 8K resolution options and features such as accelerated ray tracing. RGT has heard rumours of a 2 times increase in raster and 2.5 times in ray tracing.

As for the Nintendo Switch 2, the biggest expectation is that it will be capable of 4K output when connected to a TV, something that may fans were disappointed not to see on the Switch OLED. We've also heard suggestions that the Switch Pro could feature NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) AI rendering technology and a more capable CPU. 

One leaker has even claimed that the Switch Pro's power will be comparable to that of a PS4, which would be pretty impressive for a handheld device. The noted Nintendo tipster Nate the Hate claims the Switch 2 will get a massive boost in storage space from 32GB to 512GB.

PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: design

The PS4 Pro wasn't hugely different from the PS4 in terms of dimensions. It came in the same black colour and but added an extra layer in a sandwich-like design. The PS5's curves won't allow a repeat of that approach this time around, so we're not sure what a PS5 Pro would look like. 

The PS5 was a big departure with its white side panels. Fans have long been hoping for an all-black version, and one option for Sony could be to revert to black for the Pro, but I'm not sure that will happen considering that it's stuck with the white look for PSVR 2.

Nintendo Switch Pro render

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

As for the Nintendo Switch 2, Nate the Hate has claimed that it will have a larger 8-inch display. But, curiously, he says it won't be an OLED display, which could make choosing between a Nintendo Switch 2 and the existing Nintendo Switch OLED difficult.

PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: how much could they cost?

We've heard mention of a possible price tag of at least $599 for the PS5 Pro. That's what the PS3 cost on release, and it makes perfect sense considering that the standard PS5 disc and digital versions cost $499 and $399 respectively.

The potential price of the next Nintendo Switch console is likely to depend on how Nintendo markets it. If it's billed as a Switch Pro, it would presumably have a higher price than the Switch OLED, which costs $349.99 / £309.99. Considering the price difference between the existing Switch models, we would expect a Switch Pro to cost at least $399.99 / £359.99. However, if the console is billed as a Switch 2, it's more likely to retail at the same price or slightly more than the he original Switch, which has a recommended retail price of $299.99 / £259.99.

PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: possible release dates

Manufacturers logically keep release dates under wraps for as long as possible since it's often not clear if production will advance as expected and releasing information too early can impact on the sales of existing consoles. Nintendo and Sony have not even confirmed that the PS5 Pro or Switch 2 exist.

If Sony stuck to the same timescale as the PS4 and PS4 Pro, we should expect a PS5 Pro any moment now. However, considering that the rollout of PS5 was so slow due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and component shortages, it makes sense for the PS5 Pro to be put back a little. Key To Gaming has reported that PS5 demo events have already taken place and that demo kits will be sent out to the “majority” of studios by late November. If that's true, we would expect a release early next year. Logistics have improved since the release of PS5, but we expect there may again be some scarcity on initial launch. 

As for the Switch 2, it's much more difficult to say. The Nintendo Switch OLED launched in October 2021, but like with the PS5, it was hard to come by for quite some time. Nintendo itself has said that its next console will drop sometime in '20XX', which clarifies nothing but is an advance on a October 2021 statement in which it said it had "no plans for any new model other than Nintendo Switch – OLED Model".

Back in February, Nintendo was rumoured to have supplied 4K-capable devices to developers, and if developers are already working on it, we would normally expect a device to follow at least within a couple of years at the most.

PS5 Pro vs Nintendo Switch 2: which will be the most exciting launch?

Fan renders based on Switch 2 and PS5 Pro rumours

Fan concepts for the Nintendo Switch 2 (left) and a black PS5 (right) (Image credit: Computer Bild / Giuseppe Spinelli)

Comparing Nintendo Switch 2 vs PS5 Pro to decide which is best is likely to be difficult since they offer very distinct types of gaming. For a start, the PS5 is very much a static console that needs to be connected to a display. The Switch has its own screen, making it portable. On top of that, it's not clear how the Nintendo Switch sequel will be marketed.

The PS5 launch sounds the most exciting in terms of specs and pure gaming speed and power, promising superb graphics performance. However, that might excite only the most serious of gamers. Lots of PS5 fans say they see no need for an upgrade yet on either the hardware or software side, saying that the standard PS5 offers all the power they need.

For regular gamers, the Switch 2 might therefore be the more exciting of the two launches, but it's not yet clear if we should expect a 'Pro' device or a straight sequel to the original Switch. The suggestion that the screen won't be OLED makes us think it may be the latter. In both cases, some gamers are likely to decide that the best options for them remain those that are currently on offer: the PS5 and the Switch OLED.

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