The latest alleged PS5 Pro specs sound kind of unsurprising, actually

A detail shot of the PS5.
(Image credit: Sony)

We've been hearing rumours about a PS5 Pro since the PS5 itself was released back in 2020. While Sony has remained tight-lipped, we all assume that a PS5 is on the way. The latest rumoured PS5 specs are pretty much in line with what we've heard before, suggesting that Sony may have settled on what it wants.

While there's nothing hugely new, the video report below from a regular analyst of PlayStation rumours and leaks suggests that the PS5 Pro will be quite an upgrade in terms of performance. However, there are many caveats as to whether it will see the light of day (if you can't wait, check out the best PS5 deals available now).

RedGamingTech (RGT) says that based on leaks that have come his way, Sony has at least made prototypes of the PS5 and that it would offer significant differences from the current console. It says that multiple possible specs have been considered but that a picture is emerging. 

The CPU and AMD Radeon GPU are rumoured to be significantly more powerful, with frequencies of “well over 3.6 GHz” for the former and 2.7 GHz for the latter. That compares to the PS5's variable boost frequency of 3.5 GHz for the CPU and 2.23 GHz for the GPU. RGT speculates that the PS5 Pro could have a total compute of around 23.04+ TFLOPS.

This would all mean more stable 60fps 4K gaming, which would make it no longer necessary to choose between framerate and performance modes. There could even be 8K resolution options and features such as accelerated ray tracing. RGT has heard rumours of a 2 times increase in raster and 2.5 times in ray tracing.

Of course, all this remains speculation. There has been no official news from Sony, although there have been reports that Sony has been working on a project codenamed Project Trinity since last year and is already conducting demo events, with demo kits reportedly to be sent out to the “majority” of studios by late November. But to add to the uncertainty, RGT says he's heard that Project Trinity was the codename for a different project that's been cancelled.

PS4 Pro

The Sony PS4 Pro was released in 2016 (Image credit: Sony)

Since Sony released PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim models, it's been widely assumed that it will follow the same pattern with the PS5. The PS4 was released in 2013, and its Pro version came three years later in 2016. PS5 launched in 2020, which would mean we would be due a PS5 Pro soon if Sony followed a similar timescale. 

However, considering that the Covid-19 pandemic and logistical challenges caused delays in the roll-out of the PS5, it seems logical that the PS5 Pro would take longer to emerge. Many now expect a PS5 Pro release date some time during 2024. The PS5 Slim would presumably launch before that (judging by purported images of the PS5 slim, it appears that the 'slim' may be a misnomer.

As for how much all of this could cost, we've heard mention of a potential price tag of at least $599, which is what the PS3 cost on release. The standard PS5 disc and digital versions cost $499 and $399 respectively. See below for the best current PS5 prices. You might also want to see our guide to the best monitors for PS5.

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