New Nintendo Switch set to arrive some time in the next 88 years

The Nintendo Switch on a gradient background.
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It's been the ultimate on-again/off-again drama, with the whole internet questioning for months whether the Nintendo Switch Pro is actually in the works or not. Well, surprise, surprise, we're here again – but has Nintendo itself actually confirmed a brand new console this time?

A new machine looks like it might be joining the Nintendo roster in the next few years – well, any time in the next 88 years apparently. The new console was spotted in an investors briefing presentation by Nintendo that outlined the future of its consoles, along with a couple of other updates. Nintendo has also said that it will be working on "value-added services," which we hope means we might get to see the back of the glitchy N64 and Genesis games. Still haven't got your hands on a Nintendo Switch? Then check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals. You can also check out our Nintendo Switch Black Friday live blog for the latest updates on all the best deals. 

A screenshot of the Nintendo investment briefing.

Could the 20XX console be the Nintendo Switch Pro? (Image credit: Nintendo)

Now, we aren't sure about how the 20XX Switch will look yet, or when it's roughly set to release, all we know is that it'll be before 2100. However, we are still excited about the thought of possibly having a Nintendo Switch Pro. It's the console all the Nintendo fans have been begging for, and despite Nintendo suggesting that it will not be making a Pro Switch, perhaps the 20XX model will be what we've been waiting for with a 4K screen (or silver JoyCons!). 

According to NoteBookCheck, the presentation stated that Nintendo is also planning to "build on the Nintendo Account foundation to develop services that complement our business". We think this might be code for 'fixing that almighty N64 expansion pack mess' which is excellent news. We hope that this means we will also see more games added to the expansion and potentially some more rewards for Nintendo Switch Online members, like more free or discounted games, or maybe exclusive in-game rewards. 

Apparently, in the presentation, Nintendo also said that we can expect to see more Super Nintendo World areas being added to Universal theme parks. So we are keeping our fingers crossed an adorable Animal Crossing attraction, or perhaps even a Zelda area. Nintendo has also said that there will be new video content to come after the release of the Super Mario movie. 

The Super Nintendo World attraction.

What Nintendo game would you like to see made into a theme park? (Image credit: VoyPon)

The information Nintendo has shared is so vague that we don't even know if it will be a Switch, perhaps we will see the modern-day Game Boy. We will have to wait and see what Nintendo has up its sleeve. If you can't wait too long though, why not check out our guide on where to buy a Nintendo Switch. Or perhaps you're on the hunt for some more games (that's if you're not completely addicted to the latest Animal Crossing update), if so, make sure you take a look at our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games

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