Animal Crossing update has an adorable new feature – and we're obsessed

The new camera angles on the Pro Camera App on Animal Crossing: New Horizon.
(Image credit: Nintendo/Future)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 arrived a day early this week, much to the delight of fans. And with its exciting new Pro Camera feature, you can get up-close and personal with your favourite islanders. 

With New Horizons 2.0, gamers are able to enjoy a whole host of new features including boat rides, more home decorating options, the return of gyroids, communal stretching and ordinance surveys, to name a few. But possibly the most exciting of all is the POV camera setting that allows you to take photos from the angle of your islander. Still in need of a Nintendo Switch to start your Animal Crossing journey? Then check out the best Nintendo Switch deals

That's right, now you can pap your favourite island residents from the POV of your islander. Once you have saved up 1500 of your precious Nook Miles (an in-game currency) you can buy the Pro Camera App in the Resident Sevices. The Pro Camera App comes with new settings so you can take photos from both the POV of your character, as well as, 'tripod mode' that allows you to set the camera up and run into the photo with your favourite islanders. Being able to have mini in-game photo shoots with your favourite characters is totally adorable, and we think it's so cool that we can see the AC universe from a totally different perspective now. 

The fun doesn't stop there with though – the update comes with a number of other new and exciting features (including fan-favourite Brewster the barista pigeon). You are also able to explore other islands via Kapp'n's Boat Tour. Kapp'n will sing you sea shanties as he takes you to new islands to explore. The new islands may even have new plants for you to pick or be in a completely different season to your island.  You'll also be able to dig up Gyroid pieces on the new islands that will eventually make up small (and very cute) musical ornaments that were in the previous Animal Crossing games. 

A photo of Kapp'n singing his sea shanties.

Kapp'n's sea shanties are  a delightful new addition to the game (Image credit: Nintendo/Future)

Nintendo has also added an exciting market to Harv's island, where you can shop at all your favourite trader's stores, like Kicks and Sally. Of course, you'll have to contribute some bells to help get the market up and running (Animal Crossing is a capitalist society after all). You will also be able to access the new café in the museum called The Roost, where you can drink pigeon-brewed coffee with your favourite islanders or your friends.

There are a vast number of other endearing updates, like group stretching at the plaza, ordinances to help organise your island, more home customisations options, cooking and new vegetables like potatoes and carrots to plant. There is so much to explore with the new update and we can't wait to explore the new islands and meet the new villagers that have been added to the game.

A collection of the new characters being added to the game.

We hope Roswell or Shino will stumble upon our island (Image credit: Nintendo)

Now the update is out, we're excited to go into a weekend-long hibernation and make the most of the New Horizons 2.0. We are looking forward to playing the new Happy Home Paradise upgrade when it comes out too, despite the backlash Nintendo has been getting for the expansion pack. If you are hoping to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons but are not sure how to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, then check out our useful guide about where to buy a Nintendo Switch or check out some of our best Nintendo Switch deals below. 

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