Nintendo Switch players are fuming over the new N64 expansion pack

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Last month Nintendo announced that a number of classic N64 games will be added to the Switch store. But the rereleased versions of the games are already causing issues.

Just yesterday Nintendo released a handful of N64 and Genesis games as part of the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack. The expansion pack allows players to download and play a number of N64 and Genesis games online, as well as the highly anticipated Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise upgrade. But the beloved 90s  rereleases aren't working as Nintendo intended they would with a number of glitches and 'quirks' (as people seem to be calling them) making it a less than pleasant gaming experience for players. If you're hoping to play your childhood favourites with the new update but are yet to get your hands on a Switch console, then check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. You can also find a number of amazing Switch deals on our brand new Nintendo Switch Black Friday live blog. 

A screenshot from the Nintendo store.

The Nintendo expansion pack is having some issues (Image credit: Nintendo)

The expansion pack arrived with a number of N64 and Genesis games for players to play some of their favourite childhood games indulge in nostalgia, but there are a number of glitches within the games that players aren't happy about. 

It turns out that the games are experiencing severe lag, as well as audio and visual warping (see below) which is making the gameplay somewhat unbearable. There are also a lot of issues revolving around the Pak controllers as well. Without the original Pak controller software from the N64, players are unable to save ghost data. It also means that if players want to experience Pak rumble (vibrations in the remote), they have to set the Switch's region to Japan to fix the problem – bizarre. 

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One of the most annoying issues that seems to be upsetting players, is the seemingly random controls that are completely unadjustable. There are issues with the mapping of controllers, as if the N64 controls weren't properly translated into the Switch remote. In the game Sin and Punishment, players press the right trigger to shoot, but because of the issues with control mappings, this also remaps the face buttons which ultimately removes the move right button at the same time.

Gamers have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints about the rereleases and while many are excited to sink their teeth into some classics, others are upset that they have paid $39.99/£34.99 for glitchy games. One user tweeted that they wanted to buy the expansion but argued that it was "just not worth it," whereas many other shared recordings of the lags and warps, as well as jokes about the technical difficulties. 

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We will have to wait and see if Nintendo decide to iron out the faults in the games, and just keep our fingers crossed for a non-glitchy Animal Crossing update when its new update is released on 5th November. If you're looking to play some new Switch games but are hoping to avoid the glitches in the N64 and Genesis rereleases, then make sure you have a look at our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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