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Pixar logo changed forever thanks to horrifying animation

Pixar logo
(Image credit: Pixar)

Ah, Pixar. Everybody's go-to studio for warm, fuzzy, feel-good films. Until now. In a hilarious yet terrifying 3D animation, the famous Pixar opening ident has transformed into a traumatising horror short, culminating in death-by-desk-lamp (aka Luxo Jr.).

The original famous animation features Luxo Jr. bouncing past the word Pixar, before jumping atop, squashing and replacing the 'i'. It's all fun and games until you imagine the scene from the 'i's perspective – which is exactly what Ratboi Pleb's 3D rendering (below) does. Check out our best 3D modelling software if you feel like creating a nightmare of your own.  

Needless to say, the 'i' isn't having a good time. Soundtracked by terrified breathing and ominous, rumbling music, the video puts the viewer in the 'i's perspective – which makes the final lamp-bludgeoning a lot more terrifying. After watching this, the original Pixar ident (below) will never not seem sinister. 

The video has proved a hit online, with over 1.5M views on YouTube. "I'll never be able to watch a Pixar movie in the same way again," one user comments, while another adds, "If Pixar ever makes a horror movie, they should use this". We doubt it'll ever happen, but the idea of a Pixar horror movie is strangely intriguing – with their imaginations, we're sure Pixar's animators could come up with some pretty awful stuff.

Anyway, for now we'll have to do with this surreal short. Made using Blender (take a look at the best Blender tutorials), what the slightly crude animation lacks in polish, it makes up for in atmosphere and pure terror – we're feeling pretty wary of our own desk lamp right now. And If you fancy cheering yourself up with an actual feel-good Pixar film (just remember to skip past the logo), they're all on Disney+ – here's how to get 15% off.

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