Sony's updated PS5 design already sounds like a winner

Pretty much straight after the PS5 was first announced – and its gargantuan design memed to oblivion – rumours of a redesign started doing the rounds. So far, only a few tiny internal tweaks have materialised, but it sounds like the most significant change yet is on the way.

We've already heard tell that Sony is working on a PS5 featuring an optional detachable disk drive, which will connect via USB-C. And now, it turns out the device is already out there in the wild, with developers describing it as 'flawless'. (Feeling lucky? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.) 

PS5 restock

There are currently two versions of the PS5 available (Image credit: Future/Sony)

PlayStation leaker Tom Henderson took to Twitter (below) to report that the test kit is now with developers, who describe it as "working flawlessly". Henderson recently claimed that the new PS5 will arrive the middle of next year, with the next iteration of the PS5 set to either be sold on its own, or bundled with the detachable disk drive.

So why's this big news for gamers? Currently, the PS5 is available in two versions – a digital edition and disk edition. Right now, if you opt for the digital edition but change your mind further down the line, you're stuck. Indeed, forking out for a detachable accessory sounds preferable to buying a whole new console. 

Best game consoles; a PS5 and an Xbox Series X stand next to each other with a TV

The gargantuan device (pictured next to the Xbox Series X, left) was memed to oblivion when first revealed (Image credit: Future)

But the tweak could also help Sony get stock moving. As PushSquare notes, it could "dramatically streamline Sony’s production process," with the company no longer needing to manufacture two separate consoles. Anything that improves the flow of PS5 consoles can only be a good thing.

Elsewhere, the PS5 is still going from strength to strength performance-wise, with the Unreal 5 engine promising previously unreached heights of visual fidelity. Meanwhile, we're also hearing tantalising rumours about tweaks to the DualSense controller, including this game-changing concept.

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Daniel John
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