Children's hospital gets a geometric makeover

Hospital walls decorated with art by Supermundane
(Image credit: CW+/Supermundane)

Artist Supermundane (Rob Lowe) has created custom artwork for West Middlesex University Hospital's children's ward in his signature bold geometric style. In an environment that can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for young patients, the artwork offers a welcome splash of colour throughout the ward.

The official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, CW+, commissioned the piece as part of its Arts in Health programme, bringing the positive effects of art to hospitals and clinics. (If you'd like to create your own art pieces, check out our guide to the best graphic design software). 

Hospital wall decorated with art by Supermundane

(Image credit: CW+/Supermundane)

Throughout the designs, Lowe uses bold linework and bright colours to give each room a unique but consistent theme. The seemingly random arrangement of shapes works well to give the spaces a playful feel while maintaining a sense of purposeful design, filling the somewhat bland rooms with striking colours that spark joy. 

Speaking to CW+, Lowe said that the design was created using large sticker panels which were dispersed throughout the rooms in an intuitive fashion. "This was done in a very random way, starting with a large shape and then reacting to that. I was trying in each case to create a sense of balance and movement around the room," Lowe said. 

A hospital room decorated with wall art designed by the artist Supermundane

(Image credit: CW+/Supermundane)

Tackling a large space such as the ward was a new experience for Lowe, who said, "It was a chance to make the space – which was looking very tired – into something more inviting. I’m always amazed by how art can transform a space, so this was a chance to do it on a new scale."

Arts in Health is a programme that "focuses on the link between human health and the environment." Central to their mission, is the belief that art can create an environment that is progressive for mental and physical health, and Lowe's colourful artwork is a perfect addition to their growing collection of more than 2,000 original art pieces. 

Hospital room with wall art designed by Supermundane

(Image credit: CW+/Supermundane)

Lowe's stunning work has certainly made a great improvement to an environment that can oftentimes be quite gloomy. And who knows, perhaps the hospital's positive transformation will encourage more artists to get in touch with their philanthropic side and spread the positivity that art can create. If you're after more stunning works of art, check out this minimalist dollhouse inspired by pioneering female designers. 

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