YouTube comes for TikTok's crown with new AI 'Dream Screen' tool

AI generated videos of pandas
(Image credit: YouTube)

An evolution is taking place across many of our favourite social media platforms, moving further towards more short-form TikTok-esque video content. Now YouTube is stepping up to make producing these videos easier than ever, with the help of an AI-generated green screen feature. 

With the help of this optimised AI tool, it's hoped that creating Shorts (YouTube's equivalent to TikToks) will be easier than ever, letting users effortlessly create content. (If you're thinking about becoming a content creator, check out our collection of the best cameras for YouTube to get you started). 

Dream Screen Ai background generator

(Image credit: YouTube)

Shorts was launched in 2020 after the rise of TikTok saw short-form content swiftly gaining popularity. Since its conception, it's been home to a host of different content. such as vlog-type snippets (and stale TikTok meme re-uploads), but it's safe to say that Shorts has never quite reached the same heights as TikTok. 

In response, the platform has released a suite of new features, focussing on optimised video editing for mobile, AI-based insight tools and its most engaging feature, the Dream Screen. With the help of AI, users simply pop in a prompt, and their background is effortlessly generated, depicting whatever they can dream up.

Youtube features for AI optimisation and video editing

Three new features will be released: Dream Screen, YouTube create and AI Insights. (Image credit: YouTube)

While it's still in the early experimental phase, the Dream Screen feature will make creating visually engaging content easier, helping the platform to distance itself from competitors. And it doesn't stop there, as YouTube is keen to continue using AI tools to make recycling content even easier. 

"In the future, we’ll expand to features that will allow anyone to instantly reimagine their videos by simply typing in an idea to edit their content or remix existing YouTube videos and turn them into something entirely new," the brand said in a statement.

YouTube announcing Dream Screen at Made On YouTube at Pier 57

Dream Screen was officially announced in September at Made On YouTube at Pier 57 in New York.  (Image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

While it's only natural that YouTube would eventually embrace AI technology, we have concerns about how this may negatively affect the quality of its content. It seems that the new feature could become a tool for churning out high volumes of content, rather than creating new and inspired videos. While short-form content can be great, we're hoping that this update isn't a sign that YouTube will be turning its back on more traditional, thoughtful videos. 

If you're after some more YouTube news, check out why 'shocked face' YouTube thumbnails might be finally getting the boot, or check out the YouTube logo redesign that was delightfully old-fashioned.  

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