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Grab a discount on the amazing Lytro Illum

Your photos deserve to be more lifelike than a static image can manage. You can add a whole new depth to all your pictures by grabbing the high-end Lytro Illum Camera, on sale now for 71% off the retail price.

Most cameras capture static 2D images, but the Lytro Illum Camera goes deeper. This premium camera records the direction of all the light rays in a scene, producing a rich 3D-style image. You can change the perspective and focus of Lytro images well after shooting them, essentially turning your photos into living images.

The Lytro Illum Camera usually retails for $1,300, but you can save 71% off that price right now. That means you’ll pay just $349.99 (approx. £244) for a camera that will change your perspective on photography... and that of your viewers as well.