10 inspiring examples of architectural photography


In architectural photography, artists have time to study a building's form and then experiment with various angles, settings, timing and effects to achieve unique and interesting shots. 

Here we've scoured the web to find 10 top examples of architectural photography to inspire you.

01. Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower as you've never seen it before. Image © Roger Madsen

This refreshingly original capture of the Eiffel Tower was taken by street and architecture travel photographer Roger Madsen. Based in Beijng, Madsen currently works as an Android architect at Sony Mobile. But that doesn't stop him from producing the stunning imagery that fills his portfolio.

02. Up and Above

Photographer Sebastian Opitz captured this breathtaking image from the 85th floor of the Princess Tower in Dubai. Image © Sebastian Opitz

When a massive amount of fog started to roll into Dubai Marina one day last year, photographer Sebastian Opitz was there with his Nikon D700 and fisheye lens to capture it. Taken from the Princess Tower, Opitz photographed this image from the 85th floor.

03. Hamburger Welle

A unique take on the office building Hamburger Welle in Hamburg. Image © Bildwerker

Bildwerker speciliases in abstract architectural photography. And this is just one of the many beautiful photographs that feature in his awe-inspiring portfolio. Simple and elegant, this image is a unique take on the office building Hamburger Welle in Hamburg.

04. Time paints

The ageing of this building is depcited through various colours of paint used over the years. Image © kamenf

This thought-provoking photo was taken by photographer kamenf. Based in Serbia, the artist came across this old, derelict building featuring the remanence of different coloured paints used on its exterior over the years. No easy task, he captured the building's decay beautifully.

05. The Bridge

We wish we were as good at our hobbies as this talented photographer! Image © Armin Marten

It's hard to believe that the artist behind this atmospheric image does photography just as a hobby. Armin Marten is a student of engineering in Hamburg, but in his spare time takes beautiful images of his surroundings. He captured this stunning bridge image while on his travels in Gellert, Budapest.

06. Cube House Eagle

A beautiful, creative capture of Rotterdam's Cube House Eagle development. Image © Guus Vuijk

This gorgeous, abstract image of the Cube House Eagle in Rotterdam was captured by photographer Guus Vuijk. Specialising in nature and travel photography, Vuijk comments on his website, "I practice photography as a fine art, the major objective being to produce well designed images that offer a personal view on the diversity of life in general."

07. Berlin Wall

This beautiful photo is part of a series of architectural images taken in Berlin by Federico Venuda

A perfectly composed shot, this image of the Berlin Wall was captured with a Panasonic DMX-LX3 by photographer Federico Venuda. On his travels, Venuda has taken many photos of various cities in Europe, including Paris, Prague and Brussels. But his (mainly black and white) Berlin series is by far our favourite, capturing the history and essence of the city beautifully.

08. City of colors

Photographer David Keochkerian uses a slow shutter speed to capture moving lights in this City of colors image

We just love this vibrant and creative image by photographer David Keochkerian. Using a slow shutter camera speed in his photography, Keochkerian's portfolio is full of beautiful imagery, a lot of which features surreal yet stunning colour created by shooting moving lights.

09. Divine workshop

Swedish photographer Janne Oikkonen achieves the perfect balance of composition and lighting in this stunning workshop photo

Hobbyist photographer Janne Oikkonen is the artist responsible for this incredibly detailed photo – so detailed in fact that on first glance we were convinced it was a pencil drawing. With the addition of a sepia tone, brilliant lighting and precise composition, the Swedish artist has transformed this old workshop into a truly gorgeous print.

10. Old wall

Skill behind a camera can turn the most ordinary of subjects into gorgeous works of art. Image © Choi Go Eun

This brilliant shot looks more like a painting than a photograph. The striking image was taken with a Nikon D90 by photographer Choi Go Eun. Featuring simple lines and great colour, this capture has turned an ageing building wall into beautiful piece of art.

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