20 Photoshop Elements tutorials to try today

Adobe's Photoshop Elements is a program containing many of the features of the professional version of Photoshop but sold at a fraction of the cost. Here we've rounded up a selection of top Photoshop Elements tutorials, for use in version 7 and up, from around the web.

Getting started

Photoshop Elements 11 user interface

If you're totally new to the latest version of Photoshop Elements, take a few moments to watch this video from its creators and familiarise yourself with the program's interface.

Using the toolbox

Photoshop Elements is full of intuitive and complex tools, which can be daunting for new users. This useful video breaks down the toolbox and gives a quick overview of each tool's purpose.

Sorting and organising images

Elements team member Philip Andrews talks through how to sort, manage and find photos really quickly in this video-based Photoshop Elements tutorial.

Treat your images

How to clean up your scene

Photoshop Elements 7 saw the introduction of the intuitive scene cleaner tool. In this video-based Photoshop Elements tutorial, learm how to add to or remove objects from your image.

Fixing image exposure and lighting

Is your image over exposed? Or are details lost due to poor contrast? Many photos look better with corrected brightness and contrast, learn how to adjust both here.

Airbrushing and removing blemishes

In just 10 minutes this useful Photoshop Elements tutorial covers user interface, airbrushing and smoothing skin, layers and remving blemishes.

How to use the refine edge tool

This Photoshop Elements tutorial explains, step by step, how to perform one of the most widely used Photoshop effects: how to use Refine Edge to isolate a subject and add a different background.

How to recover clipped highlight detail

Want to rescue your over-exposed photos? Follow this Photoshop Elements tutorial and learn how to banish clipping by targeting specific tones to recover highlight detail in over-exposed areas.

How to swap bad expressions for smiles

Give your awkward portraits a face lift with this helpful Photoshop Elements tutorial, which explains exactly how to swap faces and turn a bad expression into a smile.

How to control tones in black and white conversions

Learn a cunning trick, paired with Hue and Saturation layers in this step-by-step Photoshop Elements tutorial, which will enable you to control tones in black and white conversions.

Use cunning tricks in Photoshop Elements to control tones in black and white conversions

Use cunning tricks in Photoshop Elements to control tones in black and white conversions

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