Behance portfolio of the week: Jordan Metcalf

Working as a graphic designer and artist, Jordan Metcalf is based in Cape Town, South Africa. He works both independently as a freelancer as well as collaboratively with 3 other designer/illustrators under the name Only Today.

His love for typography and monochrome shines throughout his portfolio. His work has already been featured in Codex: A Journal of Typography, Nice To Meet You Too, Mini Graphics, TypeToken, Allen Peter's Blog, Computer Arts Projects, and Advanced Photoshop.

His portfolio is wide-ranging, taking in an array of design and typography styles. We've selected five of our favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection ofJordan's imaginative and inspiring work.


The artists aim to re-contextualise the place these items hold in our everyday lives

Fear.Less is a collaborative project between Daniel Ting Chong & Jordan Metcalf. The objects are all representative of weapons/items used in acts of crime in South Africa, both by criminal and the law.

The objects seek to playfully examine the place of fear and crime in South Africa context, framing our obsession with violence and the casual paranoia we all seem to suffer from. By scaling the objects and turning them into artworks, the artists aim to re-contextualise the place these items hold in our everyday lives.

I Want to Make Beautiful Things

This typography piece is based on a famous saying by graphic designer Saul Bass

Jordan created this stunning piece based on the famous Saul Bass saying, "I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares." Amazingly, no 3D software was used at all during the creative process for this piece. Jordan used Illustrator and Photoshop and the design was printed on 300gsm Hahnemule Paper.

Nike: Create the Future. Win Now

This piece was created for an international Nike conference

At the end of 2011, Jordan was asked to pitch on the identity for an internal international Nike conference. Unfortunately this work never went past the pitch stage but we loved it so much that we just had to share it with you!

Oh What Fun

Jordan created this piece from layered, laser engraved and die cut wood.

Jordan was invited to do a solo show at Wolves in Johannesburg, South Africa. He produced a range of type and image based pieces in various mediums including layered, laser engraved & die cut wood, lino cuts, scratch board illustrations and ink paintings.

This was our favourite piece from the collected works but be sure to head to Jordan's Behance portfolio to see the rest of it!

Super Happy Times

We fell in love with this series of character designs

We fell in love with this series of die-cut gift tags Jordan created a little while ago. The list also includes 'Happy Birthday!' 'You rock!' and 'Good Luck.' As well as exceptional typography design and placement, each character is a stunning feat in design. It's such a shame they're not on sale anymore!

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