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10 posters that sum up designer problems

Posters can be a way to express your passions, reveal your tastes or, in the case of these clever designs, advertise your pet peeves. Most of the time designers are creating these wall-mounted marriages of text, colour and shape for others and with their preferences in mind.

But occassionally, talented individuals design them for themselves and for others like-minded. These can act as a creative catharsis for frustrated illustrators who are fed up of never getting it quite right for everybody else.

Here are some of our favourite humourous, yet aesthetically evokative designs created to poke fun at designer problems. Can you identify with any of them?

amerikan made- a day in the life of a graphic designer

Click image to see full size. Copyright of Amerikcan Made Prints

Clara Schneider Waterburg looks much better don't you think?

Clara Schneider Waterburg for Sharp Suits exhibition

Eduardo Salles (cinismoiillustrado) icons we hate

Eduardo Salles (cinismoiillustrado)

We like your style - graphic designer jokes

Mizz Winkins (illustrator)

How would you like your graphic design?

Colin Harman

55hi's yo momma is a shitty graphic designer

55Hi's via Buzzfeed

the creative process

via Dashburst

cab't we just use the picture from the internet

Via Sharp Suits

comic sans kick in the balls

Via Pinterest

designer vs real people: colours

Via Digital Synopsis

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Alice Pattillo

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