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The art of the indie-zine: browse the best today!

As a website devoted to the art of design, we love it when independent artists strive to create something that others claim is a dying breed. Print has been a subject of much debate over the past few years with many claiming that the medium is on its way out. However, this collection of independent zines proves that it's still very much alive. But be warned! This may decrease your bank balance...

Just some of the zines on offer in the gallery

Just some of the zines on offer in the gallery

The folks at Glasgow-based Good Press have decided to put their entire range of independent zines on show in this gallery. There are dozens on offer from the weird to the wonderful to the down-right-just-nice-to-look-at.

Good Press pride themselves on creating a space where up-and-coming as well as established international artists can showcase their latest work. The zines on offer are dedicated to the likes of photography, comic books, graphic design and more.

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