Need print design inspiration? Try these resources for size

The web is a wonderful thing, literally brimming with resources for people interested in the art of print design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked five top resources to help you really get to grips with it.

01. Coverjunkie

Coverjunkie showcases brilliant magazine covers and the designers behind them

Coverjunkie is all about creativity and inspiration. This awesome site celebrates brilliant print designs and the artists behind them. Run by Jaap Biemans, he describes the site online as 'an addiction to magazine covers that smack you in the face or you want to lick'.

02. magCulture

Check out brilliant design blog magCulture for print design inspiration

The guys at magCulture love all types of magazines and newspapers, whether in print or digital form and they showcase as many of them as they can on this cool blog. With 25 years experience of magazine design, the site is written by creative director Jeremy Leslie.

03. Typeeverything

Head over to Typeeverything for all your type needs

If it's a typography design you're going for then Typeeverything should definitely be your first port of call. This site is literally overflowing with gorgeous examples of typography to inspire you. The team behind the site leave no commentary and simply let the hundreds of beautiful images do the talking.

04. Oculto

You'll find dozens of inspirational images for your print designs on Oculto

This brilliant design blog Oculto is full of gorgeous images that are sure to inspire your print designs. The site is curated by talented graphic designer Pablo Abad, who's most known for his experimental typography designs. His collection of striking designs on Oculto, including many inspirational magazine covers.

05. F**k Yeah, Magazines

Be inspired by magazine cover art from all over the world on F**k Yeah, Magazines

If you're looking for inspiring print designs then head Tumblr blog F**k Yeah, Magazines is a fantastic place to start. The site finds brilliant mag covers from all over the world and brings them together in one place, complete with commentary and insights on many.

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