World's thinnest knife tops Kickstarter after just 24 hours

Less than 24 hours after it launched, a knife claiming to be the world's thinnest has become the most popular design project on Kickstarter, raising more than $20,000 in the process.

Designed by Nate Barr, head of ZootilityTools, the WildCard is a utility tool that fits snugly in your wallet, and at just 2mm in thickness, it is claimed to be the world's thinnest, full-sized folding knife.

At just 2mm thick, and with a TSA-friendly removable blade, is this the perfect utility knife?

With a $25 pledge securing a WildCard by the end of 2015, 500 pledges quickly racked up, and the product is already onto its next phase of backing (where product deliveries aren't guaranteed in this calendar year).

Probably best to keep this one away from the kids

There's no complex assembly, and the innovative design of the WildCard uses a FlyOff pivot, which means you can easily remove and dispose of the blade should it get damaged, or need to be dispensed with at an airport, say.

You can find out more at the WildCard Kickstarter page.