Scientific animation proves Santa must be magic

WARNING - not suitable for young children!

If you have little ones, wait until they're in bed before watching this brilliant, tongue-in-cheek animation by the team at branding and digital design agency Beyond.

Instead of offering a traditional seasonal greeting this year, the Beyond team decided to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with this humorous take on whether Santa actually exists. And after compiling a lot scientific evidence, the outcome doesn't look good.

The Beyond team use simple mathematics to disprove Santa's existence in this not for the faint hearted animation

The team scripted the story, recorded the voiceover, set it to the music and animated the final edit in After Effects. Beyond director Paul Ringsell comments: "It's a slightly cynical view of the big guy in the red suit. Seen through the eyes of science, we disprove his very existence with simple mathematics. At the same time, we would all love to think that 'magic' plays a part... who knows?!"

So, before you watch the video, ask yourself just how Santa would deliver over 90 million presents in just 31 hours. That means 822.6 visits per second, 1 millisecond per get the idea.

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