Top 5 Cinema 4D plugins

In this week's top 5 we'll be taking a look at some of the most useful plugins available to Cinema 4D users.

There are loads to choose from, so we've taken delved a little deeper and found five of the best that any C4D user can benefit from:

01. Zblur

This is a top class plugin. Made by Biomekk, Zblur bypasses some of Cinema 4D's downfalls. The hair module, transparency and certain reflections all cause Cinema 4D's depth of field features problems. In most cases it is just unusable but ZBlur fixes all this and more. Beautiful bokeh effects can be produced and the plugin, which works as a post effect, has controls for various aspects including number of iris sides, boosting highlights and lens aberration. Price: $59

02. SplineSPREAD

A great set of spline tools from C4D_Jack. The core idea behind the Splinespread tools is to allow easy distribution of objects along a spline, but it goes way deeper. For users without the MoGraph module this is the best option for working easily on motion graphics projects. Target clones to other objects or a null, create flocking animations in just a few clicks, the list goes on. Highly recommended. Price: €69.90

03. Riptide

The Riptide plugin from Spanki's Prop Shop may not be exciting but it's certainly useful. The free plugin is a wavefront obj exporter/importer plugin, with a host of options that Cinema 4D doesn't have natively. It will keep selection sets and normals intact, won't force group materials (very useful indeed) and exports UV co-ordinates very well. Dull - possibly. Worth a look - undoubtedly. Price: Free/donations

04. Nitroblast

We all love blowing things up and watching the pieces fall dynamically to the floor and there are many plugins out there that do this, but Nitroblast from nitro4D is probably the most fully-featured. With Voronoi breaking, vertex map breaking and a special mode for transparent objects (so the cracks appear only at the breaking time) this is already good enough. Add into that bomb mode and deep-break and it becomes a must-have plugin. Deep break alone is worth investigating. It allows you to break geometry, the pieces of which can be set to automatically break again on impact with another object. This is something none of the other destruction plugins do and adds hugely to it's appeal. Price: €40 donation

05. MovieType

Motionworks, developer of MovieType is new on the scene. In fact, it's only been out a week or two at the time of posting, but it's already caused a bit of a storm. Essentially this is a huge library of preset text animations (over 250), materials and motion graphic backgrounds. As well as being a massive timesaver it can also be a great source of inspiration. To top it off the creators have included over 20 video tutorials to help you get the most out of it. Price: $79

These five plug-ins will add to your efficiency in Cinema 4D, while being both entertaining and in some cases adding features that Cinema 4D should have anyway.

Go and check them out and if you decide to try any of them say we sent you!