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Edge magazine launches enhanced iPad edition for the games industry

Edge iPad app

Edge, the most respected videogames magazine in the world, is now available in lush interactive form on iPad. Download the first issue today for the special launch price of just £1.99 / $2.99.
Enhanced with animation, full screen HD video, galleries and exclusive extra content, the new Edge iPad edition retains the same crisp, modern design as the print version, but looks better than ever on iPad. If you work in the industry, aspire to work in the industry, or just love games - Edge is absolutely essential.

Edge iPad app example image

Does this look lush? Yes, yes it does!

Issue highlights

You can check out what's in the latest issue by following the link above, but here's a little taster of the great content you'll find in Edge magzine:

  • Frank O'Connor and Phil Harrison on how they're aiming to prepare Halo 4 for legendary status
  • Peter Molyneux reveals the psychological games at the heart of his new venture, 22Cans
  • The games and announcements of E3 2012
  • The making of Super Mario 3D Land

If you're into gaming and own an iPad, you'd have to be a mental case not to check it out today!