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Short video will bring out the nostalgic gamer in you

We're all aware of some of the best designs in video games - whether it's the characters, the environments or even the packaging. But have you ever stopped to appreciate the video game title designs? This video from Art of the Title does just that by showcasing 32 years of video game title design.

Created to accommodate the site's "Talking Titles: How The Language of Cinema Changed Video Games", you can see from the video the apparant influence of cinema and technoloy upon these title designs. Starting off with 1981's Donkey Kong, the video finishes with 2013's The Last of Us.

It's amazing to see the transformations and evolution of video game title design, as the video showcases the likes of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario Bros and Tomb Raider. Do you think the titles were better back in the day or do you prefer the more modern, cinematic offerings?

[via The Verge]

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