10 of the most creative online contact pages

06. Epipheo

This adorable site from Epipheo is one of the cutest offerings we've ever come across

There seems to be a trend in cloud illustrations within contact pages but we just can't get enough! This adorable site from Epipheo is one of the cutest offerings we've ever come across, with the illustrations continuing through to the contact page. We dare you not to smile when you click on this one.

07. Fixel

The originality of this contact page from Fixel is undeniable

Here's a contact page with a twist; you can swap the faces of the designers with that of a giraffe. It may sound odd at first but there's no denying the originality of these guys. If you scroll down, the designers are even represented with silhouetted facial hair!

08. Denise Chandler

contact pages

We love the illustration and font design on Denise's contact page

At first glance, designer Denise Chandler's may not immediately catch your eye. However, its simplicity and cute colour scheme is what makes it work as well as the adorable little icons for each section. Not only that but it includes fonts created by Kyle Steed and Gerren Lamson as well as an illustration by Brett Lamb.

09. Yodaa

Yodaa's contact page is a perfect example of web design

Yodaa is a San Jose-based Web Design Agency that images brands through its creativity and simplicity. Seeing as they build websites for a living, it's no surprise that their contact page is a stunning feat in design. Featuring cute characters and illustration, it's a perfect example of a creative contact page.

10. Chemistry Group

contact pages

Chemistry offer a colourful contact page

Chemistry's entire site is a colourful creation, offering a brilliant insight into their work ethos. The contact us page perfectly rounds up the feel of the company, with the map sitting nicely inside the colour scheme. Spot the nice touches, such as the banner at the top of the page.

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