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10 of the most creative online contact pages

A good contact page must be accessible, informative and above all creative. It can be difficult to make the mix work but these 10 examples have done just that. Featuring cats, clouds, and underground cartoons, you'll find it difficult not to contact these designers!

01. Gorgeous TV

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Scroll over the cats to hear them say hello!

It's been a little known fact for the past few years that cats have definitely taken over the internet. The website, which plays host to a number of animation and advertising directors, have jumped on the bandwagon with this kitty offering. Scroll over each cat to hear each director saying hello!

02. Indofolio

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The illustrative theme continues throughout the website

Gopal is a designer and developer from Kerala, India. He's also the founder and CEO of a start-up Convax Solutions. Working with UI Design, Wordpress customization/theming and HTML/CSS conversion, his website is an absolute beauty. The illustrative theme continues throughout each section, including the stunning contact page.

03. Macrosteps

Macrosteps think outside the box with their contact page

Macrosteps think outside the box with their contact page

Macrosteps tag line 'Think outside the box' perfectly sums up their website, let alone their contact page. Using a chalk and board style theme, the scrollable site leads you to through their work, their portfolio and finally to their ease-of-use contact page. A brilliant design throughout.

04. Christian Sparrow

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This visual problem solver gives us a visual treat

As a 'visual problem solver', Christian has one of the best looking sites we've ever come across. As soon as you arrive on the opening page, you're treated to an array of illustrated animations that tie in perfectly with each other. The contact page has a gorgeous landscape that you won't be able to take your eyes off.

05. Epiphany

We love the bold colour scheme and outlined illustrations

We love the bold colour scheme and outlined illustrations

We called for creative contact pages on Twitter and you answered! This in-your-face offering from Epiphany will certainly catch anyone's eye with it's bold colour scheme and outlined illustrations. Specialising in SEO, this is a contact page that ticks all the boxes.

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