New issue of 3D World on sale now!

Discover the secrets of CG creatures, sculpt faces in ZBrush, create texture in Maya - and much more!

The latest issue of 3D World, the world's leading magazine for CG artists and animators is out now, bringing you the best training with bonus videos and offering you inspirational CG and access to behind the scene VFX.

This issue, it's a zombie fest! We talk to the VFX team behind this summer’s zombie-drenched blockbuster, World War Z, and elsewhere we find out how Look Effects created its version of the undead for zombie drama Warm Bodies. Other highlights include:

  • Facial anatomy in ZBrush: freelance 3D artist Titouan Olive shows how to make your digital faces anatomically correct, using ZBrush
  • The fundamentals of Instancing: Find out how instancing can give you power over thousands of objects
  • Texturing in Maya: How to fully texture a model of a futuristic sci-fi space loader ready for rendering
  • Interview with Aaron Sims, the veteran of movies such as I Am Legend and The Incredible Hulk
  • Tips on how to create a CG character that looks as if it’s made from paper (very cool stuff from Jeremy Kool)
  • Exclusive video training on how to design and model game props, from Digital-Tutors

...and much more!

3D World 173 is on sale now in these editions:

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