HP unveils its new premium logo

The release of the Spectre 13 laptop also saw the return of a sleek HP logo.

New HP logo

This new logo was rejected by HP five years ago

To set its high-end products apart from the rest, HP's premium laptops will be adorned with a minimalist new logo made up of four slanted lines. The sleek design was announced alongside the release of the ultra-thin Spectre 13 laptop, but the logo has taken five years to represent the brand.

New HP logo

Moving Brands first submitted the logo back in 2011

Originally submitted in 2011 by Moving Brands, the not-so-new logo was apparently rejected by HP. However it seems time has caught up with the futuristic design and the rectangular creation will replace the traditional HP logo and script.

New HP logo

The new logo will only appear on HP's premium laptops

Thanks to a clever use of spacing, these simple slanted lines effectively suggest the Hewlett Packard brand. It remains to be seen which other products will be treated to this logo, but the clean design is sure to come to represent a higher calibre of laptop in the future.


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