45 great examples of doodle art

If you don't think of doodling as a serious art form, then think again. Here we've picked some great examples to inspire you.

Doodling is a great, fun way of expressing yourself. But because everyone can do it, it's often underrated as an art form.

Yet doodle art is a serious business for many - as these stunning examples prove. Combining child-like doodles with expressive illustrations, they show how doodling be used to create beautiful and arresting designs. Who knew there were so many doodle art styles? Which is your favourite?

01. Faith Georgia

 Faith Georgia
Just one of many beautiful doodles created by artist Faith Georgia

This energetic, yet calming doodle was created by artist Faith Georgia. A super-talent, Georgia has created numerous, beautiful, black and white and colour-filled doodles, all of which can be found in her awe-inspiring Flickr portfolio.

02. Matt Lyon

 Matt Lyon
A bundle of beautiful chaos by Matt Lyon

Matt Lyon is the London-based graphic artist and illustrator behind this colourful and chaotic doodle. He comments on his website: "My work stems from incessant doodling, often laced with wild colours, shapes and patterns." Indeed it does. And we love it!

03. Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine

 Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine
This talented artist creates beautiful artwork while procrastinating

After months of procrastination, the artist that goes by the name of Snippy Snippy Crab Kristine completed this completed this set of entirely random doodles. This talented artist spends much of her time creating gorgeous Manga artwork, with any spare minutes spent doodling lovely creations such as this in her skecthbook.

04. Matthieu Bessudo

 Matthieu Bessudo
Bessudo's doodle art features a mind-blowing amount of detail

Matthieu Bessudo, aka McBess, is a French illustrator living in London. With a passion for illustration and music, Bessudo always tries to mix the two in his work. A super-talent, his doodle art features a mind-blowing amount of detail.

05. GenerallySpeaking

Artist Michelle began this piece with the large swirl in the top right of the page

High school student Michelle aka GenerallySpeaking is the lady behind this intricate ink doodle. Covering a book from one of her notebooks, this is doodle art at its best. Using a simple biro, Michelle began the detailed illustration in the top-right corner, allowing organic shapes to flow around it until covering the entire page.

06. Helen Kaur

 Helen Kaur
The vibrant colours in Helen Kaur's doodle really makes it stand out

Helen Kaur is a full-time graphic designer and part-time illustrator from Singapore. As part of her development and illustrative work, Kaur creates vibrant doodles in her spare time. And while we're not taking anything away from black and white doodle art - it rocks - it's great to see such a mixture of colours amongst all the detail in this drawing.

07. Pat Perry

 Pat Perry
When Pat Perry's mind wanders, magic happens

Pat Perry is a superbly talented artist who, as his mind wanders, inscribes in ink some truly surreal and attention grabbing imagery. A daily practice for the Michigan born artist, drawing helps Pat to work through the complexities of life and thankfully for us acts as a remedy for all we find mundane in day-to-day living.

08. Géraldine Georges

 Geraldine Georges
Géraldine Georges' weird and wonderful doodle art

Géraldine Georges worked as a graphic designer for seven years before starting to freelance as an illustrator in 2006. The Belgian artist's collages are a perfect blend of photography and illustration, beautiful and elegant images that seep emotion.

09. Justine Ashbee

 Justine Ashbee
Beautiful doodle art from Justine Ashbee

Justine Ashbee takes a line for a walk and your eyes go along for the ride. Lines and forms evolve and grow organically in her vast amorphous drawings. Intuitively composed, the Brighton based artist's drawings start with a curve and end in a mesmerizing undulating visual experience.

10. Billie Jean

 Bille Jean
Billie Jean goes all postery with this doodle art

Billie Jean is not my lover. Billie (a 'he' in case you're interested) has created entanglements of ballpoint pen for many notable clients. Creative Review and Nike can be counted amongst the many who have commissioned the services of this London based, tree climbing, doodle maestro.

11. Eric Olmstead

 Eric Olmstead
Eric Olmstead's brilliant artwork is inspired by travel

It's hard not to be a little jealous of artist Eric Olmstead. Not only is he super-talented, he's also travelled all over the world, capturing the essence of each destination through brilliant illustrations and collages. This is just one piece Olmstead created in Brazil during a six-month tour of South America. He's also spent 18 months in Japan, been to Australia, New Zealand, the US - and there's at least one sketchbook full of amazing artwork for each.

12. Lizzie Mary Cullen

 Lizzie Mary Cullen
Lizzie Mary Cullen delves into the world of hand-drawn psychogeography in this Brick Lane illustration

Lizzie Mary Cullen is a multi award-winning artist based in London. A natural talent with pen and ink, Cullen's doodle art has attracted the attention of many leading brands, including the BBC, MTV and Harvey Nichols. This intricate depiction of Brick Lane, is just one from Cullen's brilliant series titled London psychogeographies.


13. Mike Rohde

 Mike Rohde
Designer Mike Rhode tells the tale of his travels with hand-drawn typography and little sketches

Mike Rhode is a designer who loves to read, write and draw. For the latter, he takes a Moleskin sketchbook everywhere, keeping a visual journal of his travels. We particularly like this piece taken from Rhode's Portland sketchnote travelogue, in which he records facts and thoughts with brilliant little sketches and typography.

14. Amaia Arrazola

 Amaia Arrazola
Talented illustrator and designer Amaia Arrazola loves silly drawings

We love the playful style of Spanish illustrator and designer Amaia Arrazola. After working in an advertising agency for a couple of years, Arrazola now works as a freelance artist in Barcelona. She comments on her website, "I like silly drawings, graphic design, serigraphy and typography."

15. Richard Romare

 Richard Romare
Web designer Richard Romere created this piece in roughly 10 hours over five days

Richard Romare is a web designer based in the Philippines who also  works as a freelance multimedia artist. Wanting to experiment in different artistic disciplines in his spare time, Romare comments on this one-off piece, "I'm not that comfortable with doodle arts, I was just trying something different."

16. Delphine Durand

Illustrator Delphine Durand drew this intricate piece on a restaurant napkin

Artist Delphine Durand has a treasure trove of sketchbook work online. For the most part, she creates magical and bizarre monsters and characters, some of which have been used to illustrate Chronicle Book's Big Rabbit's Bad Mood. As well as commissioned works, Durand spends much of her spare time doodling unusual worlds and creatures, like this piece hand-drawn on a restaurant napkin.

17. Kerby Rosanes

 Kerby Rosanes
Kerby Rosanes' work features incredible attention to detail

Kerby Rosanes is a graphic designer and SEO specialist with a passion for art and doodling. His work, which he post regularly on his Sketchy Stories blog, exists at various scales and his striking attention to detail makes each piece unique and original.

18. Irena Zablotska

Irena Zablotska's doodles evoke an original and imaginative world

Irena Zablotska is a talented illustrator who uses multiple techniques to communicate the original world she's created through illustration and doodle art. Her art has been exhibited across the world, from St Petersburg to San Jose.

19. Jabson Rodrigues

Jabson Rodrigues beautiful 'Falling' illustration

If you like this particular style of doodle art then you should definitely check out the Flickr account of Jabson Rodrigues, which is overflowing with stunning sketches like the above. Titled 'Falling', the illustration features two people intertwined by Rodrigues' gorgeous, fluid doodles next to the words 'Sky should tumble and fall'. Just beautiful.

20. Saddo Jdero

Saddo Jdero creates intricate, intriguing worlds

This remarkable Romanian illustrator and artist is another example of how doodle art can be taken to a commerical, professional level. The intricate imaginary worlds he creates are both fascinating and unique.

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