The 80 best Tumblr blogs for designers


43. Nice Type

Nice type! Yeah, you're welcome, cheers

If you like your typography to move then Nice Type is a splendid source of inspiration. It's curated by Matthew Buchanan, who scours Vimeo for the best examples of motion typography and kinetic type animation, and posts them on this great-looking Tumblr.

44. Typostrate

Tumblr blogs for designers

See what you can do with the endless array of typography out there

Typography is everywhere and like most creatives, we love to see it in all its glory. Typostrate is a blog about type and the endless array of things you can do with it. Showcasing the passion and power of typography, the blogs content and pictures are taken care of by Christian Goldemann.

45. Beautiful Type

Tumblr blogs for designers

Beautiful type abounds on this Tumblr

Beautiful Type was started in 2010 by two web designers, Francis Chouqet and Aurélien Foutoyet, who share the same passion for typography.

This gorgeous Tumblr blog does exactly what it says on the tin and showcases incredible typography illustrations and inspiring videos from around the web. It also has a page dedicated to awesome design and type related books.

46. F**k Yeah Typography

Tumblr blogs for designers Fuck Yeah Typography

Love typography? Check it out

F**k Yeah Typography is a celebration of all this type, collated by a type-lover. If you've never really 'got' typography, then this is the blog to change your mind. The blog features appreciation of new and unique fonts, whilst also showcasing 'how-it-was-made' videos. There's also some cheeky banter thrown in for good measure - including a dig at Helvetica. Each to their own!

47. TypeToy

Tumblr blogs for designers TypeToy

All the type inspiration you could want

This stunning Tumblr blog states its content as "graphic finds" but it's so much more than that. Collecting endless typography inspiration from vintage packaging, recent branding and print design means that whatever typography task you're faced with, TypeToy is the place to go.

We love the layout of the blog, as it's an instant feast for the eyes. The moment you visit, you're faced with tons of type variations, styles and trends. Whether you're starting out in typography or you're a seasoned pro, TypeToy is the perfect Tumblr blog for you.

48. Font Police

Tumblr blogs for designers Font Police

Who made you the Font Police?

Oh, how others can get it so wrong with fonts. Here, the Font Police get it right with a dig at those cringe-worthy offenders that make even the most laid-back scream at the screen in astonishment.

Most typographers would never dream of committing such horrific crimes but do yourself a favour and check this out before you get designing. This is one blog you wouldn't want to be featured on!

49. Good typography

Tumblr blogs for designers Good typography

Lots of great typography here folks

As you can probably tell, this blog is pretty self-explanatory. Created by Costa Rican Ricardo, Good Typography concentrates on well, good typography. It's a neat little accumulation of type from around the web that's a perfect solution to any inspirational woes. Sometimes, he'll even comment on why he likes them - only if you're lucky, though.

50. Type worship

Tumblr blogs for designers Type Worship

Type takes a spiritual note here

Former head of design at MSN EMEA and now the director of digital creative agency Thin Martian, you could say that James Clarke has a fair few strings to his bow.

As Tumblr blogs go, this is a cracker, and Type Worship showcases James' love of all things typography (and he picks some really good ones) as well as reviews and interviews with typography designers. A perfect example of how typography should be done.

51. NYC Type

Tumblr blogs for designersgs NYC Type

We love this colection of photographed typography

Luke Connolly likes New York and what better way is there to express that love than by photographing its best typography? Whilst walking around the city, Luke takes out his Nikon D700 and clicks away at any lettering that takes his fancy.

He features all five boroughs of New York, which means that the blog features a colourful expansion of every kind of typography you could ever wish for. Ok, maybe not every kind but the whole of New York is a pretty good start!

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