11 beautiful travel posters

From New York and San Francisco to London and Paris, spur your creativity with these brilliant travel-inspired poster designs.

Every place in the world has its own style and cultural influence, which can be a great source of inspiration for a designer. Here, we showcase a selection of travel posters created by artists inspired by the many wonderful and diverse places on Earth - and beyond...

01. Round the world

Travel posters Night amp Day

Night & Day is David Popov's abstract artistic expression of his experience in New York

This Night & Day New York design is part of an illustrative travel project by senior graphic designer David Popov. An ongoing, self initiated project, Popov created a series of abstract posters as a visual expression of the experiences he's had on his travels around the world. He has created prints for many cities and countries, including London, Paris, Bangkok and Italy. Popov's designs have been so well received since their release late last year that they are now available to buy online.

02. San Francisco

Travel posters San Francisco

Simple, clever design created by graphic designer Suzanne Pfutzenreuter for San Francisco's Travel Spring 2013 campaign

Graphic designer Suzanne Pfutzenreuter is the lady behind these contemporary poster designs for San Francisco's Travel Spring 2013 campaign. Every year, the company chooses a handful of 'must see' events to promote in the city, which Pfutzenreuter has illustrated here, tying the event with a San Francisco icon. Which is your favourite?

03. Orient calls

Travel posters Orient

Mune Satomi's choice of composition and colour in this poster sells the Orient perfectly

Type in the search term travel posters into Google and you'll be presented with thousands of examples of vintage designs. But this 1936 Orient Calls design by Mune Satomi caught our eye. Not a computer in sight, this beautiful composition and colour palette was entirely hand crafted.

04. London

Travel posters London

Graphic artist Neil Stevens was inspired by old airline baggage tags when developing this awesome design

When London-based creative illustrator, image-maker and graphic artist Neil Stevens came across some old airline baggage tags, he decided to turn them into a series of posters. He comments online, "I was amazed at the variety in designs produced since the 1950s. There was something about the now iconic, easily reconisable three letter abbreviations of the city destinations." Stevens created prints for various airports, all of which can be purchased online.

05. Have you ever been to...

Travel posters have you been

How many places on Federica Bonfanti's list have you been to?

We just love this awesome travel-inspired print by designer and artist Federica Bonfanti. Similar to the well known 1,000 Places to See Before You Die book, this poster lists 84 places around the world, each with carefully chosen typography that best suits the country it represents and accompanied by a beautifully illustrated icon. How many can you tick off the list?

06. Free Rider

Travel posters cycling

Click image to see full poster

This beautiful print was created in 2011 by graphic designers Petros Afshar and Sammi Swar. Part of a series of illustrations, the artwork's aim was to promote cycling as an alternative way to travel. The duo comment online, "The content is a collective exhibition of text, illustrations and photographs on the fondness we have with bicycles in a global and digital era."

07. Petit Belle

Travel posters Paris

Illustrator Johnny Kotze created this gorgeous winter piece to raise money for the Canadian Children's Hospital

Illustrator and designer Johnny Kotze created this piece for the Canadian Children's Hospital and annual charity event The Snowflake Ball last year. Auctioned off to raise money, the theme was 'Springtime in Paris'. Kotze comments, "I went for more of a winter theme with a snow globe inspired Paris city scene. It's got landmark sights the Arc de Triomphe on the right, The Notre Dame on the left and of course the famous Eiffel Tower in the centre."

08. Switzerland

Travel poster Switzerland

This Switzerland poster is just one of many iconic design created by American artist David Klein

We couldn't curate a list of travel posters without including one of iconic designs created by American artist David Klein - the man who illustrated dozens of posters for Howard Hughes' Trans World Airlines (TWA) in the 1950s and '60s. Klein designed numerous posters advertising travel in the US and abroad and in 1957, his New York piece became part of the permanent collection of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC. View the full collection of Klein's work here.

09. Let's Travel Somewhere

Travel posters Asia

Ines Gamler created a series of posters to promote Let's Travel Somewhere, including ones for Africa, Asis and Europe

Let's Travel Somewhere is a collaborative project that aims to capture the essence of every country through beautiful photography and gripping stories. To promote the project, designer and illustrator Ines Gamler developed these brilliantly minimalist posters, each depicting an area of the world through a single, symbolic icon.

10. Istanbul

Travel posters

This is one of three minimalist poster designs by designer Maxwell Rasche

This retro-style, minimalist poster design is one of three created by designer and art director Maxwell Rasche. Other designs include posters for Sydney and Amsterdam, all of which use the same colour scheme, featuring illustrations of buildings synonymous to the countries and incorporate fonts from Lost Type Co-Op.

11. San Francisco

vintage travel posters

These vintage inspired posters will have you wishing for a summer holiday

Graphic designer Alex Asfour has designed these vintage-inspired travel posters for his latest project that have us day-dreaming about our next summer holiday. You can read more about his collection in this post.

And now for something a little different...

12. Travel posters for lazy people

While on the hunt for travel posters, we came across this awesome series of alternative, tongue-in-cheek designs and just had to include a couple. Here, illustrator Caldwell Tanner has created some brilliant travel posters for all you lazy people. Genius. See the full series here.

Travel poster

Travel poster

Have you seen any brilliant examples of poster design? Let us know in the comments below!


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