Why 3D-printed models are the new business cards

Ashley Sparling has used this 3D printed design to attract the attention of prospective new clients

As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, designers are harnessing its power to get themselves noticed in new ways.

Earlier this year, Cartridgesave launched its annual 3D Print Cup contest, in which every entrant received a model of their design - and some of the designers involved have started used them as a calling card to attract prospective clients.

Take Ashley Sparling, a 3D designer and winner of Best Individual category in the contest. "I start my new job as an award-winning 3D print expert soon," Sparling says. "I was already a competent 3D designer before, but now I have finessed my skills in the printing and finishing process - a skill my new company can use in pitching new and growing current business."

The winning entries in the 3D printing competition

Fuzzy Duck is another team of designers showing off their abilities through the use of 3D printed models. You can see how they brought their Major Lee Hungry design to life in this making of video:

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