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Scary teddy bear promo with a sting in its tale

If you go down to the woods in this new promo, you really are in for a big surprise. Created for toy maker Steiff, the minute-long spot features a young boy who, after falling asleep, enters the nightmare of being chased through dark woodland by a terrifying monster.

And unfortunately for him, things don't get any better when he wakes up and his dream becomes a reality as the beast crashes through his bedroom window.

Spoiler Alert... The last line of defence is the boy's Steiff teddy bear, who comes to life and proceeds to kick some serious monster ass. A smash to the face with a pillow and a stunning Hollywood-style flying scissor-kick and the monster is done!

The brilliant commercial was created by German film director Denis Parchow, and produced by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, with the effects taken care of by international VFX company Pixomondo.

Don't just stand there you crazy fool! Run!

Don't just stand there you crazy fool! Run!