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You won't believe this CG ape isn't real!

Animal rights organisation PETA is well-known for producing controversial advertising campaigns to get its message across. And it's latest offering '98% Human' is definitely no exception. The hard-hitting commercial isn't by any means an easy watch - there's a pretty unpleasant ending - but it's a fantastic example of photorealistic CG.

It's difficult to believe the creature is not real - and that's actually the point of the harrowing advertisement. PETA’s message is that we should remove real apes from TV, film and commercial production in favour of such pixel-generated creatures instead.

The idea came from ad agency BBDO, New York, with design and animation taken care of by Mill+ NY. The content may upset some, but what's undeniable is that everything from the modelling and rigging to the fur, texturing and animation is nothing short of amazing.

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