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D&AD Awards 2012: What you need to know

The D&AD Professional Awards 2012 are an annual celebration of the best of the creative and design industries, with nominations accepted in 130 categories spread across 25 disciplines from Art Direction to Writing For Design.

The D&AD judging process explained

Entries are submitted online at the D&AD Awards 2012 website. The closing date for doing this is Wednesday 1 February 2012. Each entry is judged on its originality, inspirational ideas, quality of execution and context by 250 of the world's top creatives, which are split into 25 separate juries in the initial phase -- one for each discipline.

After the initial phase, the judges gather together at a venue in London to judge entries in each discipline over four days. Each judge casts his / her vote in private. The results are then discussed by juries from each of the 25 disciplines. Judging then takes place in three key stages:

Stage One: In Book awards are given to each entry which achieves at least 50% of the vote from a jury. These are the entries that appear in the D&AD Annual.

Stage Two: Yellow Pencil awards are given to the very best entries from In Book awards stage. To receive an award, shortlisted entries must gain over 50% of the vote.

Stage Three: Black Pencil awards are judged by a new jury for each of the three main disciplines: advertising, design and digital. Each jury comprises a foreman and one other member from each of the 25 initial juries. Black Pencils are awarded for the very best, most ground-breaking and original work. D&AD reserves the right not to bestow a Black Pencil award if it doesn't think the quality of entries meets the Black Pencil awards criteria.

D&AD Awards 2012 showing Yellow Pencil, Black Pencil and new White Pencil Awards

D&AD Awards 2012 showing Yellow Pencil, Black Pencil and new White Pencil Awards

Key Dates

Wednesday 1 February 2012 - deadline for entries

Monday 16-Thursday 19 April 2012 - judging takes place

Thursday 19 April 2012 - Yellow Pencil announcements

September 2012 - Black Pencil announcements at D&AD/50 Birthday Dinner

What about the White Pencil?

New for 2012, the White Pencil Awards have been created not only to celebrate D&AD's 50th Anniversary, but also to celebrate creativity and design that can help to change the world for the better. For the inaugural White Pencil Awards, D&AD has teamed up with charity Peace One Day, which is calling for annual day of peace around the world on 21 September each year. The closing date for this year's entries is Friday 21 September 2012.

To find our more about D&AD, the Awards and the thinking behind them, check out Computer Arts' interview with D&AD president Rosie Arnold.