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Buck behind typography-led ad for ChildLine

New York-based production company Buck is behind a stunning new advert for ChildLine. Using kinetic typography, the ad depicts a conversation between a young person and a counsellor offering support to victims of sexual abuse.

YCN Studio was asked to write and produce the short for ChildLine's website, commissioning Buck to cell-animate the piece by hand, with sound design produced by Ant Food.

The script was developed alongside ChildLine counsellors, exploring the sensitive calls they deal with, including common questions, concerns and reassurances.

'Many young people who try to find a way to talk about their problems,' YCA says, 'describe the immense difficulty involved in "finding the words". We decided to focus on this insight by staging a conversation between a young person and a ChildLine counsellor, expressed typographically through animation. '

ChildLine is a free, confidential helpline and online service, funded by the NSPCC, dedicated to children and young people. Find out more at and see Buck's portfolio at

See the full animation below: