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WATCH THIS! Animation meets live action in 'We Didn't Know'

This unique music video immediately caught our eye thanks to its originality and creativity. Produced by director and lead animator Chris Bialkowski, the video portrays two illustrated characters that are animated into a live-action sequence.

The illustrations are also integrated into the architecture around the city, which adds a lovely touch to an already impressive video. The production company behind the creation was Red Car, with producer Michael Hogan and executive producer Mary Knox taking on the job.

Character design

The character design was in the hands of Shiouwen Hong, with composition by Eric Dalimarta and Thomas Bergerstock worked as the director of photography.

The animation goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics of the Todd Riddle's song, portraying a sad and lonely dog character. We love the way the animation effortlessly ties around the story of the song.

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